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Incident of the day

Residents of the village Chusovoy lake has built a new road

Residents of the village Chusovoy lake has built a new roadResidents and visitors of the village Chusovoy lake has built a new road. At the moment the repair roadway Green on the site from home No. 70 to the streets of upland in the Verkh-Isetskiy district of Ekaterinburg. Full transport artery of the village will be commissioned on 14 July. This was reported in the city administration.This road belongs to the fourth category. She laid in the sectors of individual buildings and does not carry large traffic load. Read more -->

In Zavodoukovsk 3 million rubles fined businessman who tried to bribe the officer

In Zavodoukovsk 3 million rubles fined businessman who tried to bribe the officerZavodoukovskoe district court decided to fine the 42-year-old Vladimir Vazhenina, convicted by including 3 tbsp. 291 of the criminal code (bribery), was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of the Tyumen region.According to the materials of the case, in June 2013, the head of the Department of economic security and anti-corruption inter-municipal Department of the Russian interior Ministry "Zavodoukovskoe" spent procedural checks, which revealed the theft LLC Comfort of budgetary funds allocated for capital repairs of municipal housing. According to the investigation, then CEO of unscrupulous firms - Vladimir Vazhenin, not wanting to be prosecuted, tried on the street to pass the head of the above Department of the bribe in the amount of 300 thousand rubles, prudent having money in a box from under the medicines. However, police refused "quick and easy" money and reported the attempt to give him a bribe to the appropriate authorities. The businessman was taken in the development. It was decided to play along with it.In the evening of the same day, and it's all happening this June 18 last year, citizen Vazhenin was detained by police after the transfer of police funds in the amount of 100 thousand rublesRegarding merchant was prosecuted today awarded a penalty in the amount of three million rublesAs said in the Prosecutor's office, upon appropriation Wageningen budgetary funds allocated for the repair of municipal housing, more than $ 4.7 million rubles criminal case including 4 tbsp. Read more -->

In the Surgut district relatives "rescued" a witness the police. Comment by security forces

In the Surgut district relatives In the Surgut district during the ensuing fight, the villagers beat the police to his countryman. In a fight he took part came from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Dagestan. At the same time, security officials and journalists have different interpretations of the events that occurred in early July with a resident of the village Nizhnesortymski.The incident occurred on 1 July, when a man came to the police. By arresting him, they went to lantor to testify in the case. In arresting a man had to know about his relatives. Road police cars ran over the bridge, on one of the sites which has been repaired. Read more -->

In Moscow there was a prison

In Moscow there was a prisonIn the Metropolitan detention center-4 fire occurred, determine the circumstances of the fire."Employees fire insulator extinguished the fire on its own without the involvement of the Ministry of emergency situations," said a source in law enforcement bodies.Data on victims are not present. On the scene arrived several brigades ambulance, evacuation of prisoners were not held. . . . . Read more -->

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