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Incident of the day

Ivan Okhlobystin: I will be forced to go into politics!

Ivan Okhlobystin: I will be forced to go into politics!Actor Ivan Okhlobystin, a former priest, made an unexpected announcement on his page in the social network "Vkontakte"."Well that went over the hour "omega". It appears that I will have to do politics. I will be 100 days to think, to pray and watch. I'll wait for the unanimous decision of the Russian people. Otherwise it makes no sense.I sincerely hoped that passes. But.... Read more -->

New great Northern graffiti decorated the house in Nadym

New great Northern graffiti decorated the house in NadymOriginal gift for the 42-year-old birthday Nadym was the image of North motives, appeared on the facade of the house No. 19 on Leningrad prospect. The transformation of the featureless walls of the building in color panels - the handiwork of local informal artist, specialist youth House Eugene mailer. In this project, significant support was provided by Nadym subsidiary of JSC Amalgamating", said the AIO administration of Nadym district.A picturesque view of its majestic views, undoubtedly attracted the attention of residents and visitors to the city during the holidays and has become another landmark square Boulevard Strizhova.Note that the Nadym played paints "Yamal color" in the early summer. The first transformed transformer box, located in the yards of street Zvereva. On a non-descript utility facility appeared graffiti-drawings with stories of culture of indigenous peoples of the North and of the nature of Yamal.Last year social youth project became the winner of a special grant OOO Gazprom dobycha Nadym". Read more -->

Ivan Kvitka: Victory Yakushev - the political consolidation of the heads of the Tyumen region

Ivan Kvitka: Victory Yakushev - the political consolidation of the heads of the Tyumen regionState Duma Deputy from the Tyumen oblast Ivan Kvitka believes that the victory of Vladimir Yakushev on elections, on which said first data of the exit polls is the result of political consolidation of the heads of all three subjects of the "Russian dolls".In the Tyumen region was historically a difficult political situation. But today, thanks to the leadership of the Tyumen region: Yakusheva Vladimir Vladimirovich, Kovylkino Dmitry Nikolaevich and Komarova Natalia Vladimirovna, was found political consolidation, which led to this result of the elections," said Kvitka correspondent .According to him, an important factor is the intra-party primaries held in Tyumen region, in Yugra and Yamal. Vladimir Yakushev won three territories, so many other parties don't even nominated their candidates."They appreciated their strength. It was necessary to conduct a great deal of hard work just to be nominated, let alone win," said flower.He noted that Vladimir Yakushev know throughout the area:"It is time for the campaign visited all three of the subject together with the governors of the districts, they had traveled many municipalities, schools, met with groups. At Yakushev was a very competent and strong electoral program".Kvitka believes that the voters voted for the incumbent Governor to objectively evaluate the economic situation in the region."For a short period of time was opened more than 20 factories in the South of the Tyumen region, built a lot of housing, schools, kindergartens, held the improvement of cities , municipalities and settlements. We would never have thought that we in the Tyumen region will be opened metallurgical plant. Read more -->

The resident of Kirovograd, unable to restrain his emotions on the court, started another "Golovko": the defendant "hit" on assistant attorney

The resident of Kirovograd, unable to restrain his emotions on the court, started another Bad words resident of Sverdlovsk oblast Kirovograd "rooted" new criminal proceedings instituted against him by bailiffs for insulting the public Prosecutor. At the trial, which was considered his case, the man could not restrain his emotions and "ran" the assistant Prosecutor.As reported in the press service of UFSSP Russia in Sverdlovsk region, the man insulted senior assistant Prosecutor of Kirovograd in the courtroom. Unflattering remarks of the Prosecutor, the man allowed himself in the moment when he began to characterize the accused, the accused according to the article "Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, which entailed by negligence the death of the victim". Statement addressed to the assistant attorney linguistic expertise of recognized offensive in the sense that detract from the honor and dignity of the employee of the Prosecutor's office.Finally, in relation snapper head Kirovogradska district bailiffs the regional UFSSP Russia opened a criminal case under article "Contempt of court by insulting the participants in the proceedings". The maximum penalty under this article is the arrest for the term up to four months. . Read more -->

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