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Incident of the day

In the Yamal district - new Prosecutor

In the Yamal district - new ProsecutorBy order of the acting Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Buksman No. 753-from 13.08.2014 for the position of Prosecutor of the Yamal region, Yamal assigned counselor of justice Andrey Rounin.Rounin born in 1979, in 2002 graduated from the Omsk law Institute, reported the press service of the district attorney. From 2002 to 2011 he worked in the Prosecutor's office of the Omsk region.In October 2011 Andrey Rounin passed to the Prosecutor's office of Yamal and appointed to the post of Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Gubkin Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. There he served until his appointment to the post of Prosecutor of Yamal region, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.Fair service Rounin awarded the medal "For fidelity to the law" of the III degree. Repeatedly encouraged prosecutors Omsk region and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Married. Read more -->

"Gazprom oil" may apply for the allocation of funds of the NWF

Shell has suspended its participation in the joint venture with Gazprom oil" for the development of shale oil in the framework of the Khanty-Mansiysk oil Union" (HMNS), said the General Director of the Russian company Alexander Dyukov.See also:-->Waste of NWF will increase GDP by 0.1%-->NWF in vain derails: not all strategic projects "Eastern" program has received support from the government-->"And what is still to keep the reserves?" Rosneft offers itself to strengthen sovereigntyThe CEO also added that the company is now exploring the possibility of continuing the work on shale gas projects in the framework of a joint venture Salym Petroleum Development c "Gazprom Neft"."Our partner is discussing this matter with his slider, he was quoted by TASS.Work Salym Petroleum Development is not subject to sanctions because the extraction is carried out at the fields with traditional production. TBC is only a matter relating to reserves development of the Bazhenov formation, Dyukov said.SPD developing the Salym group of oil fields in Khanty-Mansiysk, the production on it last year amounted to about 7 million tons But SPD planned in 2016-2017, to begin full-scale development of the Bazhenov formation (hard-to-recover reserves, which are subject to sanctions), getting there about 5-6 million tons per year.Project HMNS, which holds three licenses for shale oil in the region, according to Alexander Dyukov, Gazprom Neft will be able to cope by herself.However, "Gazprom Neft" after Rosneft and NOVATEK, whose projects have also been affected by the sanctions ready to apply for state support. "If you will have access to the resources of the Fund for the entire oil industry, of course, we will be interested in this.If these funds will be distributed between oil and gas companies, we believe that it would be fair if we will be able to participate," said Dyukov. He said that the cost of borrowing funds SWFs may be 4% lower than at banks. Rosneft and NOVATEK want to get from the NWF 1.5 trillion and 100 billion rubles. . Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg lit LCD "Repin Park: traffic blocked

In Yekaterinburg lit LCD In Ekaterinburg there was a fire at the construction site of the LCD "Repin Park. According to preliminary information burn construction trailers, fire area 100 sq.m., the Traffic is blocked.As reported in the rescue service "Owl", a fire occurred Colo 16.30 fire at the construction site of the residential complex "Repin Park", which is currently under construction 26-storey house. According to preliminary information, flashed three construction trailer on the area of 100 sq mAt the present time working firefighters stretched a line for supplying water from a hydrant at a distance of 150 m in Addition, the traffic police blocked the traffic on the street factory. Firefighters declared localization."The call about the fire at the Zavodskaya street, 42 received in another part of the police Department в„– 8 MOI at 17.20 from the staff of the fire brigade. At the scene immediately went patrol and inspection service of the police. Currently at the scene are the police, fire investigators, the investigative bodies. Read more -->

In the case of the death of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk questioned Avakov

In the case of the death of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk questioned AvakovOn the case concerning the environment and destruction of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk summoned for questioning dozens of people. This was reported in the Facebook journalist Yury Butusov.Among other things, the agenda sent to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchinov and interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The latter has already testified.According to Butusova, which takes place in the case as a witness, questioned also "all the generals giving orders" . Agenda sent to the commanders of punitive battalions, including the unit commander Donbass semen Semenchenko."Interrogation and collection of materials concerning the Transfer is conducted throughout Ukraine, interviewed witnesses, collected papers, magazines warfare, operational directives, razvedennaya" - said the journalist.In August, the Ukrainian battalions were surrounded under Ilovaisk, where they suffered serious losses. Later in the arrangements of the security forces were able to withdraw the military from the environment militias. Recall that in September the Ministry of defence of Ukraine stated that the Ukrainian army lost 107 people under Ilovaisk. Read more -->

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