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Incident of the day

The legendary Aurora weighed anchor

The legendary Aurora weighed anchorThe legendary cruiser "Aurora" weighed anchor, on which stood since 1948, and went to Kronstadt.As previously reported , the cruiser will undergo repairs within two years.The last time the ship was repaired 30 years ago. On the first stage of works allocated 120 million rubles.Artillery cruiser of the first rank "Aurora" participated in the battles of the Russo-Japanese war, the world and the great Patriotic war and in the revolutionary events of 1917.Since 1948 the vehicle is in the Parking lot at the Petrogradskaya embankment St. Petersburg. In 1957, the cruiser "Aurora" given the status of Museum ships, on Board is a branch of the Central naval Museum in St. Petersburg. . Read more -->

The defense Ministry will spend almost 2 trillion on upgrading in 2015

The defense Ministry will spend almost 2 trillion on upgrading in 2015More than half of the budget of the Ministry of defense in 2015 will be spent on the state arms program. In 2013 it is to spend a little more than one third of the country's military expenditures."The share of expenditures on military equipment in the structure of our budget is increasing from year to year - from 37% in 2013 to a projected high of 58.8% in 2017," said the Ministry.Total defence spending next year it is planned to spend 3,3 trillion rubles, However, the MAYOR added that the year end figures may be somewhat correctIn the coming year army resume the purchase of BMP-3, the supply of which were suspended several years ago, former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Also forces will receive BTR-A and upgraded tanks T-B.Rocket connect southern and Eastern military districts expect two complexes "Iskander-M".Also by the end of next year completed development work on the development of new models of armored weapons, including tanks and armored personnel carriers on the basis of unified interspecific heavy tracked platform "Armata", as well as BMP "Kurganets-25 and BTR "boomerang".Re-equipment of military equipment in the air force continues in accordance with the Ministry of defense plans in 2015 in addition to aircraft and helicopters in the army received radar complexes Sky "-M", "Hill", "Gamma", low-level radar station "Approach", anti-aircraft missile system S-400 air defense missile-gun systems "Shell-C".Next year serious technical strengthening is expected in the Navy. The black sea fleet will start to get a patrol ships project 1135.6 and submarines of the project 636.3 - it is planned that in the next 2 years there will be 6 ships and boats of these types. In addition, for the first time in the army will begin to enter the ships of a new class of patrol built now at the Zelenodolsk shipyard. First of all, they will also replenish the black sea fleet.According to a senior source in the defense Ministry, next year will complete undercarriage and state testing and will be made in the Navy rescue ship Igor Belousov", not fitted into the time allocated for the current year.In the composition of constant readiness to be adopted nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh project 955 "Borey"". Read more -->

In the Northern regions of the Urals grown meat and cheese. Height reaches 20%

In the Northern regions of the Urals grown meat and cheese. Height reaches 20%With the introduction of a food embargo, the price of meat and cheese in the Northern regions of the Urals visibly jumped. On Yamal growth reached 60 rubles, or 20%, correspondent .According to the information-analytical system of monitoring and analysis of socio-economic development of Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets, for the year, from 13 January to 8 December, the price of beef in the Autonomous districts rose by 8% and 19.4 per cent respectively. If in the beginning of the year in Yugra pounds of beef can be purchased for 279,26 rubles, now the average price of meat is 302,34 RUB On the Yamal Peninsula, the difference is more significant: 313,73 and 374,57 rubles per kilo.The price of pork and lamb increased by 11-13%. In Yugra - an increase of nearly 33 rubles, Yamal - up to 42 rubles Today kilogram of pork in the YNAO is 354,12 rubles, lamb - 377,62 RUB In Yugra significantly lower - 300,59 RUB 317,93 rubles per kilogram, respectively.Note that in Yugra the price of meat about half increased after the introduction of a food embargo, that is, from the beginning of September. On Yamal significant growth occurred in the first half of 2014, the same situation with the cost of frozen fish. Read more -->

The head of the Russian space became involved in the case

The head of the Russian space became involved in the caseThe main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow opened a criminal case against Sergey Lazarev, Deputy General Director of FSUE "Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure".The occasion was a materials testing Roscosmos, held in TsENKI this summer by order of the head of the space Agency Oleg Ostapenko. At the time of inspection Lazarev was acting Director of the FSUE "TsENKI".In Roscosmos said that the materials according to the inspection results were transmitted to the Investigative Committee at the end of July: there, among other things, described the revealed violations of the procurement of fuel for heating objects Baikonur in winter 2013/2014, which resulted in the loss of 13 million rubles.During testing, Roscosmos Lazarev publicly stated that this check is initiated Ostapenko order to prevent his appointment as General Director of FSUE "TsENKI".This test is not the only episode that points to a complex relationship Oleg Ostapenko and Sergey Lazarev: in April Ostapenko has cancelled his order competition for the right to lead the center. The contest was cancelled a week before the supposed date of the event, when all contestants have submitted documents to the Commission.Officially, the Russian space Agency has explained the abolition of "operational necessity" - this reason is given in the announcement on the Agency's website. Documents filed three contenders: Sergey Lazarev, a former officer of the GRU Dmitry Panov, and Vladimir Ermilov, former Director of the Institute launch complexes to them. Barmine, one of the branches of FSUE "TsENKI"". . Read more -->

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