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Incident of the day

In Yekaterinburg lit LCD "Repin Park: traffic blocked

In Yekaterinburg lit LCD In Ekaterinburg there was a fire at the construction site of the LCD "Repin Park. According to preliminary information burn construction trailers, fire area 100 sq.m., the Traffic is blocked.As reported in the rescue service "Owl", a fire occurred Colo 16.30 fire at the construction site of the residential complex "Repin Park", which is currently under construction 26-storey house. According to preliminary information, flashed three construction trailer on the area of 100 sq mAt the present time working firefighters stretched a line for supplying water from a hydrant at a distance of 150 m in Addition, the traffic police blocked the traffic on the street factory. Firefighters declared localization."The call about the fire at the Zavodskaya street, 42 received in another part of the police Department в„– 8 MOI at 17.20 from the staff of the fire brigade. At the scene immediately went patrol and inspection service of the police. Currently at the scene are the police, fire investigators, the investigative bodies. Read more -->

In the case of the death of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk questioned Avakov

In the case of the death of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk questioned AvakovOn the case concerning the environment and destruction of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk summoned for questioning dozens of people. This was reported in the Facebook journalist Yury Butusov.Among other things, the agenda sent to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchinov and interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The latter has already testified.According to Butusova, which takes place in the case as a witness, questioned also "all the generals giving orders" . Agenda sent to the commanders of punitive battalions, including the unit commander Donbass semen Semenchenko."Interrogation and collection of materials concerning the Transfer is conducted throughout Ukraine, interviewed witnesses, collected papers, magazines warfare, operational directives, razvedennaya" - said the journalist.In August, the Ukrainian battalions were surrounded under Ilovaisk, where they suffered serious losses. Later in the arrangements of the security forces were able to withdraw the military from the environment militias. Recall that in September the Ministry of defence of Ukraine stated that the Ukrainian army lost 107 people under Ilovaisk. Read more -->

"Capillary" approach to the development of the Far East may not be good, say MPs

According the Russian Federation criticized for insufficient attention to integrated development of the Far East. The Minister does not agree with it, but, however, does not deny the importance of the point, "capillary", a detailed approach to the development of the region, the correspondent .In addition to creating areas of advanced development, a priority of the Far East is the implementation of investment projects. They will support those projects that give "more taxes, more private investment and more development," explained Alexander Galushka.Currently analyzed about 380 investment projects ready for implementation. "Of which 19 were selected. These are the projects for construction of plants oil and gas, fish and timber, agro-processing, run a whole range of mining and processing plants," he said.He led the first real example of what to do in the far East that "the economy has evolved, and people came". "The index of industrial production in the Chukchi AO this year amounted to 183%. Read more -->

Alexey Kokorin met in Moscow with representatives of Gazprom and the potential investor for TRANS

Alexey Kokorin met in Moscow with representatives of Gazprom and the potential investor for TRANSActing Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin during a working visit to Moscow has held a number of meetings with representatives of large companies and organizations. As reported in the press service of the head of the region, Kokorin discussed plans gasification TRANS with representatives of the company "Gazprom" and agreed on the inclusion of the region's largest social project "Gazprom to children".In addition, the acting Governor met with the first Deputy Chairman of Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on natural resources, environment and ecology Valery jazevym and discussed the prospects for a more profitable use of natural resources of the Kurgan region.Another important meeting with the head of the TRANS-Urals was held with the head of the group of companies of GIS (CJSC "Gazinstroy") Igor Gershman. This organization specializes in several business areas: design, construction, production of building materials and structures, 3D design, telecommunications. . . . Read more -->

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