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Incident of the day

Yury Trutnev: it is Necessary to create conditions for accelerated development of Primorye

Yury Trutnev: it is Necessary to create conditions for accelerated development of PrimoryeIn Primorye is necessary to create conditions for accelerated development. This was noted by the President's Plenipotentiary representative in the far East, Yuri Trutnev, the correspondent ."You know that in the President of Russia, the challenge of development of the Far East is defined as the priority of Russia in the 21st century. To date, the indicators of the development of Primorye higher than the average for Russia," said Trutnev.According to the Ambassador, should be found the tools that the edge would develop more quickly, that people came here."First of all, it concerns the support of economic projects - large and small. Need to support all the projects, because they are important to people," he said.In addition, there should be better conditions for doing business. "We need to put much tougher task than in the whole term reduction of administrative procedures in Russia. We have to understand the customs at the border, as are fish, timber industry. Read more -->

The dumplings: the Far East need more economic freedom

The dumplings: the Far East need more economic freedomMinister for development of the Far East Alexander Galushka outlined the main priorities of the Ministry in the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum correspondent .How to tell the dumplings, the far East has enormous potential for accelerated development, but still does not meet these opportunities" because of the underdeveloped infrastructure, neosvoennost areas, lack of human resources and high administrative barriers."In this situation, we either resolutely go on a radical transformation, and then we can count on success, or we continue to be in a negative trend, which I think any reasonable person who wants the good of the Motherland, can not agree. This is the main challenge in the far East, and we formulate this challenge active and pragmatic response," the Minister said.He noted that one of the main priorities According to address specific underfunding of regions within the state and Federal programs."Today declared the priority development of the Far East is almost not supported by government programs. And According believes it is important to address the imbalance in the distribution of budget funds, to provide real-priority financing of the Far East at least to the level of the average in Russia. Thus, one of the main resources development associated with economically reasonable, sensible redistribution of public funds within the framework of government programs," said the dumplings.The second resource development macro-region, the Minister mentioned the effect of the implementation of priority investment projects. Only the first block of the projects, according to Dumplings, will attract more than 2 trillion rubles extra-budgetary investment."Most of these projects are resource character, but in the future they will be associated with downstream processing, oil and gas chemistry. Read more -->

Next week in Yugra will discuss the implementation in the area of telemedicine

Next week in Yugra will discuss the implementation in the area of telemedicineOctober 21-22, in "Medical information-analytical center" in Khanty-Mansiysk will host a conference of representatives of software developers and equipment manufacturers.The goal is an attempt to study various aspects of the implementation of electronic document management medical organizations and attempt to determine the main directions of development of the telemedicine project on the territory of Yugra, reported the press service of the regional Department of health.In the event program, in particular, of the scheduled seminars on various topics. In conversation "Modern solution for streamlining document and print control" speaker will perform Yuri Koltunov (Xerox). During the meeting, "Iron" approach to document management report will make Sergei Kochenevski (Canon). Will also consider the topic of legalization of software products. This will tell Alla Ilyushin (Microsoft).In the work of the conference included a seminar on the latest developments in the field of server platforms, computer and peripheral devices (thin clients, desktop, printers, MFPs). Going to talk about that employee "Hewlett-Packard" Vladislav Mickevich.On the second day of the event, the participants will present several papers. Read more -->

Chelyabinsk region need 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of losing boiler

Chelyabinsk region need 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of losing boilerActing Governor of Chelyabinsk oblast Boris Dubrovsky discussed with investors the issues of implementation of joint projects on modernization of heat power in the Chelyabinsk region. The region has 72 unprofitable boiler.As reported in the press service of the head of the region, opening an extended meeting with the participation of representatives of the regional Ministry of construction, infrastructure and road management, heads of municipalities and investors, acting Governor cited the following figures: in the last three years has been replaced by 116 unprofitable boiler, which helped to reduce the annual loss budget for 211 million rublesThe project was carried out with attraction of private investments in the amount of 1 billion 350 million rubles, part of the regional budget was $ 916 million rubles Regional funding was mainly for the construction of the inlet gas networks and reconstruction of worn out network management. The business assumed in the main obligations for the reconstruction or replacement of a coal or diesel boilers with modern modular and their further maintenance."This work was marked by Dmitry Medvedev at the housing forum, which took place in June, as a good example of the quality work of the Chelyabinsk region. Should this practice continue. We currently have 72 inefficient boilers. Though it's only 10% of the total number, however, the losses from their operation according to expert estimates reach 220 million rubles in order to solve this problem, you need 1.5 billion rubles of private investments and expenditures of the regional budget were estimated at 1 billion rubles taking into account the annual loss is quite effective investment," noted the importance of the work of Boris Dubrovsky.Work with the involvement of private capital held in the region since 2011. Read more -->

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