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Incident of the day

DND: "No definition of ways of finding a political solution is impossible and useless without recognition by the EU of the existence of Donetsk national Republic""

DND: Newborn Donetsk national Republic reacted to the so-called Geneva agreement, correspondent .The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Donetsk national Republic (DND) has released an official statement."OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING THE POSITION OF THE EU COUNCIL ON FOREIGN AFFAIRSon 14 April the Council of the EU for foreign Affairs made an extensive statement on Ukraine, which directly affects and violates the sovereign rights of the Donetsk national Republic. In particular, the EU Council stated the following:"The European Union condemns the actions taken by armed persons in the cities of Eastern Ukraine ... attempts to destabilize Ukraine must be stopped ... the Council reiterates its strong support for the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine ... the European Union calls on all parties to maintain the utmost restraint and pays tribute to the Ukrainian authorities for the fact that they obey the law and take informed actions, and encourages the government in Kiev to continue to contribute to the reduction of tensions.". . Read more -->

In the Nadym region was demolished emergency housing, landfills, repaired the boiler and power plant

In the Nadym region was demolished emergency housing, landfills, repaired the boiler and power plantWithin the city program "Providing quality services housing" in the current year included events that enhance the quality and reliability of housing and communal services in the Nadym region.Program energy efficiency and conservation bought metering of heat and power, led bulb, conducted an energy survey kindergartens "Reached", "spring", "Umka", reported the press service of the district administration."Through the construction of new housing facilities increased reliability and efficiency of public utilities infrastructure of the city. In 2014 have renovated two boilers and power plants, modernized systems began design work on the grid. In addition, the developed water supply schemes and sanitation of the city. Nadym large landscaped. In this mode, repaired roads, landscaped streets, equipped children's playgrounds, demolished emergency housing, liquidated unauthorized landfills," said the administration.In the area comprehensively treated municipal and industrial waste. Identified a site for the construction of the landfill. Read more -->

The Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of economic development became Executive Vice President SOSP Marina Vshivtseva

The Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of economic development became Executive Vice President SOSP Marina VshivtsevaAt the first meeting of the public Council under the Ministry of economy of the Sverdlovsk region, was elected Chairman. He became Executive Vice-President of the regional Association of employers "Sverdlovsk regional Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (SOSP) Marina Vshivtseva. As noted by the Minister of economy of the region Dmitry Nozhenko, "we managed to form a very dear Council, which included 12 people - representatives of academia, NGOs, entrepreneurs, each of which is highly professional and a true expert in his field." This was reported in the Department informality of the head region.Recall that in the public Council of Mineka, in addition to Marina Sucevei, became head of the Department of regional and municipal economy USUE Eugene Animita, Deputy Chairman of the nonprofit organization "Ural banking Union" Evgeny Bolotin, first Provost of the University Dmitry Bugrov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Sverdlovsk region Alexey Kiselev, Deputy Director for scientific Affairs of the Institute of Economics PP RAS Julia Lavrikova, head of mission of ASI in the Sverdlovsk region Daniel occurrence, Vice-rector for economy and strategic development of the University-Daniel Sandler, individual entrepreneur Dmitry Khanin, head of the representative office of the Russian Union of insurers Oleg Capulin, individual entrepreneur Rustam Suleymanov, Vice-rector on scientific work of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation" Irina Turgel.The public Council is intended to help economic office to fully take into account the current needs of society in the formation of certain decisions. The openness of work of bodies of state power - the current requirement as defined in the framework of the may presidential decree on improving the system of state administration. This work is under constant control of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region.Currently, members of the public Council under the Ministry of economy has already identified a number of issues they want to discuss in the near future. This is the forecast of socio-economic development of the Sverdlovsk region, the Strategy 2030, standards of investment attractiveness of the region and much more. Read more -->

Ugra demonstrates the best approach in the fight against drugs: "the Authorities must show courage and high sense of responsibility""

Ugra demonstrates the best approach in the fight against drugs: Further measures to combat drug trafficking were discussed members of the anti-drug Commission KHMAO. According to experts, selected in Yugra tactics right, and regional authorities should mobilize as law enforcers and society.As reported in the press service of the Governor of Ugra, today in Khanty-Mansiysk Natalia Komarova was voiced by members of the anti-drug Commission Yugra further steps to solve a deadly problem.It should be noted that previously the head of Yugra after poisoning the so-called "spice" has initiated a temporary restriction of free turnover of Smoking mixtures at the Federal level and received support. Some time later, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a draft law on granting FDCS with the relevant authority."The government of Yugra and personally by the Governor are not afraid to discuss such complex issues and actively mobilize not only law enforcement, but the public", - said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov, commenting on measures to rescue from "spaceboy disaster"."The experience of KHMAO I appreciate highly. First of all, by the two parameters. First, the region is not the first time put forward the initiative on the Federal level. Before this Federal initiative was from Yugra ban on free sale of codeine-containing drugs, which took desomorphine. Read more -->

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