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Incident of the day

Cosmonaut Krikalev and Roscosmos delegation attending the Congress in Canada

Cosmonaut Krikalev and Roscosmos delegation attending the Congress in CanadaThe delegation of Roscosmos and the number of relevant Russian institutions were not able to get at the 65th international Astronautical Congress, which opened on September 29 in Toronto, Canada.As have informed "Interfax" in the Russian space industry, many forum participants did not issue visas.In particular, entry was denied to the pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev (he now holds the post of first Deputy Director of TSNII of machine-building for manned space programs), as well as the General Director of TSNII Alexander Milkowska.About ten people, members of the delegation, visa received only two interpreters, who applied last. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the fact that the Russians were left without a visa, is politically motivated.According to a source, similar to the situation in the Chinese organization. . . . . Read more -->

Action "Koltsovo" will leave the auction because of the additional issue: the sale of shares of CRT advise... American financiers

Action Regional stake in the airport "Koltsovo" can be sold at auction because of the additional issue. Deputies believe that the scope of this money will not receive, and it will be a new form of regional output property for the benefit of private persons in Addition, as it turned out, on the sale of shares scandalous CRT advise American financiers. This was discussed at today's meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the correspondent .Today the deputies of Saxo was presented a program on state property management for the next three years, while in fact the only issue that attracted the attention of legislators, was the fate of the shares of the "Koltsovo", which the region has over CRT. Deputy Eugene Artyukh reported that there are plans for additional issue of shares "Koltsovo" in the amount of 6 billion rubles In the region's share in the capital of the company will decrease from 34% to 17%, i.e., the package will no longer be blocking. In this regard, he appealed to the head of MUGISA and the Chairman of the regional government with the question of what will happen next.Options for further development of events, in fact, two. One of them is to purchase the necessary shares for the preservation of the blocking stake, however, according to Alexei Pyankova, no money for that. Read more -->

Seguros live talked to nadiminti

Seguros live talked to nadimintiWithin an hour the head of the district administration Stanislav Seguros live Nadym TV Studio communicated with the inhabitants. The subject matter of the questions in the "interests" was unlimited. Nidymkan were interested in the topics of a personal level, and issues of regional importance such as the construction of a bridge across the river Nadym, resettlement of dilapidated housing, the improvement of streets and yards, catching stray dogs, to increase the salaries of public sector employees and many others, reported in AIO district administration.The program was announced more than a dozen calls. Their questions to the head of the municipality managed to set both the citizens and the inhabitants of EN-route towns and villages national. Absolutely all the questions that had scarcely in the "Sphere of interests", the head of the district administration took for further work.Live with the heads of structural subdivisions of the Executive office of Nadym district became traditional. Stanislav Seguros open televantage answers questions from residents for the third time. Read more -->

In the state Duma propose to discontinue the celebration of the Day of Russia. "For the people this is the date of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, and for such as Khodorkovsky or Prokhorov, this new carefree life!""

In the state Duma propose to discontinue the celebration of the Day of Russia. Deputies of the State Duma of the LDPR faction Mikhail Degtyarev and Alex Didenko propose to move the Day of Russia on September 20. This initiative of the deputies sent to the conclusion of the Government of the Russian Federation correspondent .Recall, the Day of Russia in the country is celebrated on 12 June 1994. Before this holiday was known as the Day of the adoption of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. After the enactment of the Labour code of the Russian Federation (2002) the festival has received the name - Day of Russia. The authors of the bill believe that for most people, June 12, only additional non-working day and absolutely not suitable for the celebration of the day of Russia."This date is associated with the process of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, - says Mikhail Degtyarev. Read more -->

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