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Incident of the day

In Moscow there was a prison

In Moscow there was a prisonIn the Metropolitan detention center-4 fire occurred, determine the circumstances of the fire."Employees fire insulator extinguished the fire on its own without the involvement of the Ministry of emergency situations," said a source in law enforcement bodies.Data on victims are not present. On the scene arrived several brigades ambulance, evacuation of prisoners were not held. . . . . Read more -->

The chamber "corrects" inflation forecasts

The chamber The chamber believes that the Outlook for inflation at 7.5%, will most likely be exceeded. This is stated in the conclusion of the office "On the Federal budget for 2015 and for the planning period 2016 and 2017".Assessment of the accounting chamber, to achieve the expected level of inflation for 2014 October - December 2014 he should be 1.1% and the average growth rate of consumer prices should be less than 0.37 %.The risk of exceeding the projected level of 7.5% is due, according to experts, high inflationary expectations. They are likely to exceed the estimated rate of growth in food prices due to an embargo on imports of certain agricultural products, raw materials and other goods.On inflation, as argued in the SP of the Russian Federation, the remainder of 2014 may have a negative impact and the weakening of the ruble against the dollar. . . . Read more -->

Vladimir Yakushev met with veterans of the Tyumen region

Vladimir Yakushev met with veterans of the Tyumen regionThe Governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev met with veterans of the 1st of October. As reported in the press service of the head of the region, the meeting was timed to the Day of elderly people, as well as to the 70th anniversary of the region. Communication of older people with Governor was held in the Family center. At the meeting with Yakushev was attended by veterans of different professions: teachers, doctors, agricultural workers, industrial workers, who came from different districts, cities and villages. The head of the region congratulated them on the International day of older persons.As noted in the press service, Vladimir Yakushev told the veterans of the main projects and plans for the future development of the region, answered all questions."Now we are budgeting for the coming three years. We have a clear understanding of what programs we will Fund and what to do. Read more -->

The plans of the mayor of Yekaterinburg clarified - there want the annexation of neighboring towns

The plans of the mayor of Yekaterinburg clarified - there want the annexation of neighboring townsAt the public hearings on the division of Ekaterinburg on the regions Deputy of the legislative Assembly from the Communist party nafik Famiiv considered to be special, especially close to the top of the city administration, suggested not to share Ekaterinburg, not to provide economic independence to areas that will improve governance in the territories. He offered to give greater powers of municipal administration, creating a Large Ekaterinburg, correspondent ."Berezovsky, Pyshma and Aramil had become a part of the city. We need to think about the Big Ekaterinburg, " he said. Overall, it is clear, whose song sings the people's choice, always controversial moments acting with promiscous position.Note that the idea of the Big Ekaterinburg has refused not only the regional authorities, against the annexation and the city, which was held numerous rallies.According to the logic of the Deputy, who reiterated the fact that the region does not take into account the opinion of the inhabitants, with the position of the small towns in the area need not be considered.Meanwhile, in Yekaterinburg enough of his own unsolved problems ought to understand in the first place - and it unprofitable transport MUP, and unpeeled littered with snow and reagent streets and stinking water from the tap, and many other troubles faced by citizens, some of them even chose the mayor Yevgeny Roizman, generator plans to go on a big. . . Read more -->

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