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Incident of the day

The chamber and the front fell upon the hall: In Ekaterinburg no one oversees city finances!

The chamber and the front fell upon the hall: In Ekaterinburg no one oversees city finances!City finances no one controls, such conclusions can be drawn from the report submitted to the Governor of the regional accounting chamber. "Black mark" of the city administration sent and the popular front.Recall that in late April Evgeny Kuyvashev has held a working meeting with Chairman of the accounts chamber Andrey Efimov. The Governor then ordered to reinforce control over the efficiency of spending of budget funds allocated for the construction and repair of roads in Yekaterinburg. Andrey Efimov informed the head of the region about the fact that during previous audits, the accounts chamber of the Sverdlovsk region have already found examples of fail budgetary funds.Sources in the "yellow house" reported that, according to the findings of the joint venture, in the municipality not in control of not only the cost of road construction and repair. Control in Yekaterinburg, accumulating huge amounts of money, just not today in the municipality lacks the audit authority responsible for reviewing the budget spending.Until recently, the chamber existed in the structure of the Ekaterinburg city Duma. However, in accordance with the requirement of Federal law, the municipalities should be created for control and audit bodies, with organizational and functional independence and carrying out its activities independently."From February 28, 2014 this body, which was structurally in the city Council, ceased to exist. Read more -->

Vladimir Yakushev was the rightful Governor of the Tyumen region

Vladimir Yakushev was the rightful Governor of the Tyumen regionVladimir Yakushev, who won a landslide victory in the elections of the Governor of the Tyumen region in a Single day of voting today officially took office. As the correspondent , the inauguration ended a few minutes ago.The opening ceremony was held in Tyumen Philharmonic. It was attended by heads of Yamal and Yugra Dmitry Kobylkin and Natalia Komarova. Ural Embassy was represented by the assistant to the Ambassador Sergey Ustyantsev. Was attended by members of the governments of the region, the deputies of the regional Parliament and the city Council, and the heads of various Federal agencies.Vladimir Yakushev was sworn in on the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Charter of the Tyumen region. After this he was awarded the badge of the Governor. Read more -->

Typhoon keeps Japan in tension. 150 thousand people were ordered to evacuate

Typhoon keeps Japan in tension. 150 thousand people were ordered to evacuateTyphoon "Wanfang" keeps the voltage Japan. He has already battered the southern part of the country and moves to Central. Wind gusts of up to 60 m/sAccording to media reports, in the South of Japan from the Typhoon has affected more than 30 people - they got injuries of varying severity.As reported in the main fire control of the country, more than 150 thousand people have to be evacuated in the Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa and Kyushu. All flights from airport of Okinawa Naha were cancelled, the airport is closed. About 50 thousand homes were left without electricity because of cliff lines.Meteorology of Japan recognized "Vongfong" large and extremely strong power of the Typhoon. Read more -->

In the Kama area under the activity of LLC "Mobileread group" was organized Ponzi scheme

In the Kama area under the activity of LLC The investigative part of the Ministry of interior of Russia in Perm investigated a criminal case for fraud on a large scale. As reported in the press service of the regional MOI, criminals, acting on the principle of a financial pyramid, on behalf of the LLC Mobileread group" stole the money of the citizens.Pre-installed from September 2013 to June 2014, they rented a room in the Sverdlovsk district, regional center, in the house on Komsomolsky Prospekt. In the office took money citizens, promising them high returns, instead issued a promissory note with payment of 4 to 5% every 10 days depending on the amount of deposits, the size of which ranged from 60 thousand to 1 million rubles.Bill income people receive for the account of money received from new investors. In June 2014, interest payments ceased, the office was closed. The victims, residents of Perm and Perm Krai, filed applications with the police. According to preliminary information, the amount of the damage is in the order of 13 million rubles.In the present investigation establishes the possible range of victims and suspects, as well as all the factual circumstances of the theft of funds. Read more -->

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