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Incident of the day

By the beginning of the school year Sverdlovsk school should be ready by the end of this week: in "black list" hit Artie, Nevyansk, tugulym, Kamensk and Belozerka

By the beginning of the school year Sverdlovsk school should be ready by the end of this week: in The Chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk region Denis Pasler, currently acting Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, are on vacation, gave instructions to the Ministry of General and professional education and the heads of municipal entities in connection with the preparation of the regional school for the new academic year. Work on the preparation of schools for the new school year must be completed before the end of this week, meanwhile, a number of municipalities were in the "black list". This was discussed at the conference of the head of the regional government with the heads of municipalities.As reported in the Department of information policy of the head of the region, among the objectives of the Prime Minister, control over the timely completion of repairs of educational institutions, ensuring the safety of pupils, and also the device in school children of IDPs from the South-East of Ukraine."Preparing schools this year should end on 15 August. Most municipalities deadlines maintain, and work in them are already finished or ends in the coming days. However, in some municipalities there are problems with receiving schools due to lengthy repairs," said the Pasler.According to him, we are talking about Artinskian, Neviansk, Kamenskoye, Beloyarsk, Mogulus.com urban districts.Minister of General and professional education of Sverdlovsk oblast Yuri Bekturganov reported that in the region formed the registry of educational institutions taken to the beginning of the school year. This year there are more than 1 thousand municipal schools. Read more -->

Silicon valley will create on the island of Russian

Silicon valley will create on the island of RussianPlenipotentiary in the far East Yury Trutnev believes that the far Eastern Federal University in the area of future scientific development, correspondent .He said this in a TV interview Primorye. Yuri Trutnev called wrong, if the great and wonderful complex FEFU, built for the APEC summit, will remain in the University."It is not just education, but also work for young, talented scientists and not only the Russian Federation. To do so, to collect the talents of Asian Pacific countries", - said the envoy.Trutnev has shared the perspectives of the development of the island of Russian. "There are proposals to create a semblance of silicon valley USA. To create a place where gathers talents, people in breakthrough areas of science and create the high-tech product, which is then reproducerea in technology in a number of countries," said the Plenipotentiary representative in the far East.According to him, in Primorye has the necessary potentials for development. "We have talented people less? Only in silicon valley thirty percent of our scientists. Read more -->

Europe became a subsidiary of American interests, and there will be a new round of sanctions - Pushkov

Europe became a subsidiary of American interests, and there will be a new round of sanctions - PushkovEurope became a subsidiary of American interests. This was stated by the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs, the Deputy of the Perm region Alexei Pushkov, referring to the definition of French sociologists, correspondent ."European leaders either left in the shade (like France) or adjusted under US (like the UK). It is unclear why Cameron criticized Blair for what he was Bush's poodle", - he stressed.U.S. allies Pushkov called countries with limited sovereignty. The European market is heavily dependent on exports to Russia. And the introduction of anti-sanctions only means that the West reflects the interests of the state on which it depends, I'm sure the head of the profile Committee of the state Duma.Forcing Serbia to join the sanctions against Russia Pushkov called blackmail. Read more -->

The Ministry of communications proposed to penalize the media for the outbreak of noconflict

The Ministry of communications proposed to penalize the media for the outbreak of noconflictRepresentatives of the Ministry of communications initiated to fine media for the dissemination of information, which resulted in a conflict on ethnic or racial grounds. Amendments are proposed to the Code of administrative offences.The corresponding bill yesterday was posted for public condemnation on a single portal of legal regulations. "The bill is designed taking into account the urgent need to secure the possibility of prosecution in cases of manufacturing or distribution knowingly untrue information, which directly led to the emergence of conflict on racial or ethnic grounds",- stated in the explanatory Memorandum.The communications Ministry believes that in the case of noconflict caused by the note, the responsibility lies with the media and their employees. The office serves to penalize citizens who violate the law, 10 million or 30 thousand rubles, officials - from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, and legal entities will be fined from 20 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. . . Read more -->

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