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Incident of the day

The Verkhovna Rada has changed the boundaries of certain districts of Luhansk region

The Verkhovna Rada has changed the boundaries of certain districts of Luhansk regionUkraine's Parliament held an extraordinary session on Tuesday adopted the draft resolutions on changing the boundaries of districts of Luhansk region.This decision was supported by 236 of parliamentarians with the required minimum of 226 votes, RIA Novosti reported."The Verkhovna Rada sets: send in administrative subordination Novoaydarskiy district, Luhansk region: city Happiness, the villages of Trechispora, Krakowka, Orekhovo-Donetskiy, Lopatkina, Lobacheva and Crimean Slavyanoserbsky area," reads the text of the law. . . . . . Read more -->

The Kuyvashev: Sharing Ekaterinburg no one is going

The Kuyvashev: Sharing Ekaterinburg no one is goingThe Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev took part in the "Afterword" in the air channel 41 Home, consider prigorodski. The program we were talking about the reform of local government. Evgeny Kuyvashev confirmed that not a supporter of "dismemberment" of the city and stressed that we should not engage in substitution of concepts, correspondent ."Of course, I'm against it. To whom this idea came up? No such thing as "fragmentation" in the Federal or regional legislation, " said Yevgeny Kuyvashev.According to the head of the region, the LSG reform involves only the transfer of powers to the districts, and not the dismemberment of the city. He stressed that the reform should help, "when the city is sinking in the mud and people to the officials can't get for years.". . Read more -->

"Ekaterinburga: cotton gas in the apartment pensioner was forgetfulness Housewives

"Ekaterinburga" commented the cotton strip in one of the apartments in Ekaterinburg. According to workers, the incident occurred due to forgetfulness the hostess of an elderly woman.Recall, in the morning on July 26 in an apartment house on the street crowle 48/1 happened cotton gas mixture. As reported in the press service of "Ekaterinburga", when viewed from the apartment it is established that on the stove "Prestige" open the tap the far right burner. As it turned out, a woman born in 1939 turned on the stove and forgot about it. After some time she again decided to turn on the burner - ignition occurred cotton gas-air mixture without subsequent ignition. As a result of damaged Windows in the room. Read more -->

Dealers stopped selling cars

Dealers stopped selling carsA number of major auto dealers yesterday stopped the car sales due to a sharp fall in the ruble, say market sources. According to one of them, "sales stopped when it became clear, at what rate index rates". In one of the salons Major Auto told me that when the Euro reached 99 rubles, "it was forbidden to invoice even for those who already drew up a contract and paid a Deposit", the machine was shipped only to those who paid for them previously. "There is no assurance that we will sell the machine tomorrow",- said the interlocutor of "Kommersant". The situation was complicated by the fact that "manufacturers and distributors have not been able to establish a position on the indexation of prices". Besides, they add, "because of the uncertainty of the number of brands, among which Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Nissan, have stopped delivery.The head of the Association "Russian automobile dealers" and Vice-President of Avtospeccentr (the dealer of BMW, Skoda, Nissan and others) Vladimir Marenkov confirmed that many dealers yesterday suspended the sale. Read more -->

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