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Incident of the day

In the Tyumen region, despite heavy snowfalls, collected 93% yield

In the Tyumen region, despite heavy snowfalls, collected 93% yieldWhisky, Tobolsk, Yarkovsky and Yalutorovsk parts of Tyumen region finished threshing of grain and leguminous crops, despite heavy snowfalls. This was announced at today's meeting of the government Presidium Director of the Department of agriculture of the region Vladimir ChemetovAccording to him, in Amazoncom area threshed 99%. Farmers Isetsky and Oporowskiego district produced 97%.As reported in the press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region, in the region threshed for 93.4%, the yield at 25 kg/ha For the past day agrarians harvested grains throughout almost 8 thousand hectares of grain crops. Thus, Tyumen region very close to the figure of 1 million 600 thousand tons.It should be noted that the snow cover on the territory of the Urals and Siberia, from the Chelyabinsk region and ending Novosibirsk, fell 17 October. . . Read more -->

In Zauralye judged engineer and head of the boiler, through the fault of which in February this year in the village Shatrovo exploded boiler and killed people

In Zauralye judged engineer and head of the boiler, through the fault of which in February this year in the village Shatrovo exploded boiler and killed peopleIn Sarovskom area TRANS will appear in court officials MUP "Utilities", the defendants in violation of safety rules, resulting in the death of a person.Recall, as previously reported , on February 16 in gas boiler village Shatrovo collapsed slabs. In the result of an accident suffered by one person, was damaged equipment. Without Central heating remained three-storey block of flats.8 months later it became known that the accident occurred due to the explosion of the boiler in the boiler room, and the victim is 62-year-old operator was killed. As told in the press service of the investigation Department of the RF IC in the Kurgan region, in the boiler room, part of the heat supply system of the village Shatrovo, due to overheating, an explosion occurred heating boiler. During the investigation it was established that the cause overheating of the boiler and the incident of the explosion was the failure of the security system of the boiler equipment. The result was killed by her 62-year-old operator.The investigation considers that responsible for the safety and technical integrity of equipment - the chief engineer and the chief boiler MUP "Utilities" - knew about the fault and the measures for its elimination was not accepted.The press service added that the investigation gather enough evidence presented, and therefore the indictment approved. Read more -->

Gazprombank out of the capital of VSMPO-AVISMA""

Gazprombank out of the capital of VSMPO-AVISMAThe management of JSC "VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, headed by Michael Silk and Michael Voevodina bought from Gazprombank 15% of the shares of titanium. This was told by sources close to the shareholders of the company, and confirmed the co-owner and CEO Mikhail Voevodin and Vice-President of the Bank Andrey Sakin, according to "Kommersant".Andrey Zakin said that the Bank has reached the target level of profitability, which was planned when entering into a deal". The sale price of the package, in his words, "a little higher than current market prices". Moscow exchange yesterday 15% stake in VSMPO cost 14,35 billion rubles From August 2012, the securities of the company went up by 60%.Taking into account shares held by the Bank "Business Alliance company (TANK, a consortium of VSMPO and "Gazprombank") effective stake in VSMPO accounted for 27.5% of the shares.Mikhail Voevodin that the loan for purchase of shares from Gazprombank provided Sberbank. According to him the deal was initiated by Gazprombank, which "fixed income". But the top Manager "I am confident in the future growth of capitalization of VSMPO. Read more -->

Bulk can change the measure of restraint

Bulk can change the measure of restraintIn October 2014 expires detention under house arrest of blogger Alexei Navalny.Most likely, the court extends arrest of Alexei Navalny, passing accused of embezzling from the company "Yves Rocher", but will change the measure of restraint from house arrest to detention in the remand prison. Navalny has repeatedly violated the conditions of detention - despite the fact that he is prohibited from communicating with anyone except relatives, lawyers and investigators, the opposition still used the Internet and met with the head of the Fund for the fight against corruption Roman Rubanova.As the sources said FSIN, if the court decides to extend Alexei Navalny's arrest, the office will insist on placing him in jail, because the regime of house arrest they have been systematically violated.House arrest as a preventive measure was elected Basmanny court in connection with the fact that conditionally convicted in the case of "Kirovec" Bulk repeatedly violated the requirements of serving probation - systematically went beyond Moscow without permission of the investigator. . . . . Read more -->

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