Evacuation in the head office of "Gazprom" was not carried out

Evacuation in the head office of Employees of the Central office of Gazprom in Moscow denied reports about the personnel evacuation due to bomb threat."I look out the window - no one on the street there," he told Interfax one of the employees of the group. "In summer, we are teaching, then there really people out on the street, but now no one can see" - he stressed. A source in Gazprom added: "e-mail our job is not to interrupt.". . . . Read more -->

Roizman was summoned for questioning on charges of "restoration" of the Church in Bingo

Roizman was summoned for questioning on charges of The head of Ekaterinburg was summoned for questioning in the main investigation Department of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs. As reported in the press service of the DSU, Roizman summoned for questioning as a witness in a criminal case under article "the Destruction or damage of monuments of history and culture" .According to the materials of the case, the Fund "City without drugs" headed), when the "restoration" of the architectural monument of Federal importance damaged external and internal decoration of the temple. In the framework of the investigation were conducted examination in the Church, and the search has undergone restoration Studio art school of a name of Ivan Shadr in Yekaterinburg.During the searches conducted in the restoration workshop in the school of a name of Ivan Shadr, were found the icons from the Church of the village of Byngi. They had no documents, and restoration of passports. In addition, the work in the temple was carried out without approval, paperwork and permits, despite the fact that the temple is a cultural heritage. The decision to conduct the repair was made rector of the Church itself. Read more -->

The Verkhovna Rada going protesters

The Verkhovna Rada going protestersSeveral groups of protesters are formed at the building of the Verkhovna Rada.Among those gathered in the Verkhovna Rada - the relatives of soldiers who require rotating members of the power operation in the East of the country, as well as supporters of the nationalist party "Svoboda", insisting on holding lustration in Parliament.The total number of participants: about 150 people, UNIAN reports. Some protesters say they need to adopt a new electoral system. . . . . Read more -->

Near Novosibirsk exploded boiler, under the rubble looking for people

Near Novosibirsk exploded boiler, under the rubble looking for peopleOne person was killed, another two are under the rubble after an explosion in the boiler room in the Steppe village near Novosibirsk, reported in regional GU MVD of Russia.According to the Agency, the explosion in the boiler room, working on solid fuel, occurred on Monday morning in the village of Steppe in the Novosibirsk region. Retrieved from the rubble 71 - year-old fireman."According to preliminary data, at the present time under the rubble are two workers of the boiler. At the scene immediately left the police," said the Agency.Work is underway to rescue the injured people. . . . Read more -->


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