Pushkov: In Europe begin to fear of Ukraine: who needs a Freeloader and sad bankrupt?

Pushkov: In Europe begin to fear of Ukraine: who needs a Freeloader and sad bankrupt?In Europe begin to fear of Ukraine, and will not provide large-scale financial assistance, the head of the Russian state Duma international Affairs Alexei Pushkov."The EU does not intend to give large amounts of Ukraine. In Europe it begin to fear: who needs a Freeloader and sad bankrupt?", he wrote in his microblog on Twitter."In Kiev coarsely miscalculated," Pushkov said.Earlier in December, the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Valeriy Chaly said that Kyiv needs of international financial assistance in the amount of about ten billion dollars. . . . . Read more -->

In Chelyabinsk will choose the biggest and most beautiful damn

In Chelyabinsk will choose the biggest and most beautiful damnNext Sunday, March 2, at the Chelyabinsk city garden Pushkin will host the first regional festival-competition "Pancake pancake-2014".See also:-->Holiday festivities in honor of the carnival will be held in Zlatoust 2 March-->March 1 will be held in Magnitogorsk farewell to winterThe event is timed to the carnival and is held by the regional house of friendship of peoples. As reported in the press service of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region with reference to the Ministry of culture of the region, the competition is held in five categories. The jury, composed of the organizers, journalists and sponsors will determine "The biggest shit", "the Most beautiful shit", "best sauce", "the Most exclusive pancake, and I'll try the pancakes on family recipes."The first time we participated in the carnival and for the first time holding this contest. Has had 25 participants from five areas: the Upper Region, Layer, kunashakskogo and uysky areas, and Chelyabinsk. Everyone will treat pancakes, we will work cafes, and even prepared a great program for two hours, which will be attended by about 20 teams from across the region", - said the Director of the house of peoples ' friendship Julia Lapidus.In addition, the Park will host an exhibition of works of arts and crafts. . Read more -->

Putin has heard the pleas of regional TV channels? BIP suggested that the Duma to amend the controversial law on advertising bans

Putin has heard the pleas of regional TV channels? BIP suggested that the Duma to amend the controversial law on advertising bansPossibly fatal to the regional and municipal TV with effect from 1 January 2015 the law on prohibition to advertise on pay cable channels will be adjusted according to the correspondent .Before it became known that the representatives of the popular front appealed to the President with a proposal to support independent cable TV networks from January 1, 2015, if the law is not in any way changed, will lose advertising revenue. This was stated by the co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the Popular front Alexander Brechalov."Typically, cable TV is an independent media municipal and regional levels. It is the representatives of the telecommunications market turned in front of many regions of the country. Only the audience in the subjects of the Russian Federation, under the new provisions of the law "On advertising", over 60 million people. In this segment of the market for nearly 6 thousand people. According to the most conservative estimates of experts, the advertising revenues of approximately two hundred TV channels in 2014 are 635 million. Read more -->

He dosutils: Durova still fired from the post of Director General of "Vkontakte""

He dosutils: Durova still fired from the post of Director General of Pavel Durov has learned about his dismissal from the post of Director General of "Vkontakte" from the press. He wrote this on his page in the social network."Judging by the news, as a result of my public refusal last week today I was fired from the post of General Director of "Vkontakte". Interestingly, the shareholders did not have the courage to do it right, and about his mysterious dismissal I know is from the media," he wrote."Reportedly, the Board of Directors of "Vkontakte" today "suddenly" discovered that a review of my resignation from the post of General Director on 3 April (which they publicly accepted), was designed "not all the rules", so I automatically dismissed," said Durov."As far as I understand, this opaque position is common to all the shareholders," he added.Durov said that thus "Vkontakte" goes under the full control of Igor Sechin and Alisher Usmanov.As previously noted in the official message of "Vkontakte" the powers of the General Director of Vkontakte Pavel Durov terminated on April 21, 2014. The press service of the social network said that the company had to meet early termination of the employment contract with Durov, because he did not withdraw his resignation at his own request on March 21, 2014. . . Read more -->

Cosmonaut Krikalev and Roscosmos delegation attending the Congress in Canada

Cosmonaut Krikalev and Roscosmos delegation attending the Congress in CanadaThe delegation of Roscosmos and the number of relevant Russian institutions were not able to get at the 65th international Astronautical Congress, which opened on September 29 in Toronto, Canada.As have informed "Interfax" in the Russian space industry, many forum participants did not issue visas.In particular, entry was denied to the pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev (he now holds the post of first Deputy Director of TSNII of machine-building for manned space programs), as well as the General Director of TSNII Alexander Milkowska.About ten people, members of the delegation, visa received only two interpreters, who applied last. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the fact that the Russians were left without a visa, is politically motivated.According to a source, similar to the situation in the Chinese organization. . . . . Read more -->

Action "Koltsovo" will leave the auction because of the additional issue: the sale of shares of CRT advise... American financiers

Action Regional stake in the airport "Koltsovo" can be sold at auction because of the additional issue. Deputies believe that the scope of this money will not receive, and it will be a new form of regional output property for the benefit of private persons in Addition, as it turned out, on the sale of shares scandalous CRT advise American financiers. This was discussed at today's meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the correspondent .Today the deputies of Saxo was presented a program on state property management for the next three years, while in fact the only issue that attracted the attention of legislators, was the fate of the shares of the "Koltsovo", which the region has over CRT. Deputy Eugene Artyukh reported that there are plans for additional issue of shares "Koltsovo" in the amount of 6 billion rubles In the region's share in the capital of the company will decrease from 34% to 17%, i.e., the package will no longer be blocking. In this regard, he appealed to the head of MUGISA and the Chairman of the regional government with the question of what will happen next.Options for further development of events, in fact, two. One of them is to purchase the necessary shares for the preservation of the blocking stake, however, according to Alexei Pyankova, no money for that. Read more -->

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