Gazprombank out of the capital of VSMPO-AVISMA""

Gazprombank out of the capital of VSMPO-AVISMAThe management of JSC "VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, headed by Michael Silk and Michael Voevodina bought from Gazprombank 15% of the shares of titanium. This was told by sources close to the shareholders of the company, and confirmed the co-owner and CEO Mikhail Voevodin and Vice-President of the Bank Andrey Sakin, according to "Kommersant".Andrey Zakin said that the Bank has reached the target level of profitability, which was planned when entering into a deal". The sale price of the package, in his words, "a little higher than current market prices". Moscow exchange yesterday 15% stake in VSMPO cost 14,35 billion rubles From August 2012, the securities of the company went up by 60%.Taking into account shares held by the Bank "Business Alliance company (TANK, a consortium of VSMPO and "Gazprombank") effective stake in VSMPO accounted for 27.5% of the shares.Mikhail Voevodin that the loan for purchase of shares from Gazprombank provided Sberbank. According to him the deal was initiated by Gazprombank, which "fixed income". But the top Manager "I am confident in the future growth of capitalization of VSMPO. Approval of the FAS for the transaction is not required, because the TANK has already been approved service for the purchase of more than 50% of VSMPO.

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