"Ekaterinburga: cotton gas in the apartment pensioner was forgetfulness Housewives

"Ekaterinburga" commented the cotton strip in one of the apartments in Ekaterinburg. According to workers, the incident occurred due to forgetfulness the hostess of an elderly woman.Recall, in the morning on July 26 in an apartment house on the street crowle 48/1 happened cotton gas mixture. As reported in the press service of "Ekaterinburga", when viewed from the apartment it is established that on the stove "Prestige" open the tap the far right burner. As it turned out, a woman born in 1939 turned on the stove and forgot about it. After some time she again decided to turn on the burner - ignition occurred cotton gas-air mixture without subsequent ignition. As a result of damaged Windows in the room. There were no injuries. The supply of residential homes are not violated.It should be noted that for the period July-June emergency brigade "Ekaterinburga" did more than 450 applications involving violation of the rules of operation of gas equipment. Almost 43% of cases were left open the taps plate, resulting in any contamination of the premises and created an explosive situation. Subscribers are heated by gas, distracted by other chores, go to the neighbors, leaving included a gas stove and shutting the door.

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