The faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy supported the students protest against the elimination of their University

The faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy supported the students protest against the elimination of their UniversityThe faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy (PLLA) supported the protest of the students of the Academy, spoke against the elimination of native high school correspondent .The Academy staff also sent a collective appeal to the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova. Copies went to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Governor of the Perm Kari Viktor Basargin and the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Anastasia Cruceni.Signatures set 142 employee of the state pharmaceutical Academy. Among podpisyvalisj: 33 associate professors, 51 candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences, 10 professors, doctors of Sciences. Also a letter signed by senior lecturers and assistants, senior and Junior scientists and technicians.Students and teachers are ready to stand together for the independence of our University, including through street protests.Note that no official documents relating to the impending liquidation, in universities there. In PLLA, PGA confirmed that information about this is nothing more than rumors. However, practice shows that such decisions are taken by the authorities without taking into account the views of the public, reported the reorganization of post factum. For example, with the elimination of Pyatigorsk state pharmaceutical Academy a year ago."It is unacceptable that such important decisions for the University are accepted without taking into account the opinion of its employees, faculty of PLLA decades created one of the top three centers in China pharmaceutical education. Moreover, we are not aware of the public expert platform on which would be discussed this issue, do not know the names of the scientists, managers of pharmaceutical companies and other experts in the pharmaceutical industry, which advocated the elimination of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy as an independent educational institution," write the teachers in an open letter.Staff PGFA emphasize that in the conditions of Western sanctions closure of such a strategically important institutions as the pharmaceutical Academy, is unacceptable. Because without domestic medicines the country's security will be threatened.Agree with them and representatives of the Communist party."The plan of liquidation of the whole in the Russian Federation is in full swing. Every day liberal government that adapive, separates from people, especially bitter for children and youth. The government decided to give them a "dark future", in contrast to what was under socialism. Liquidated educational institutions, which are extremely important for the security of our country. For example, pharmacological Institute. Without their medication citizens will not be able to be treated, especially in case of new sanctions by the West. We ask, what is the NEED of this power to close this Institute?" wonder Metropolitan Communists.In addition, proponents of the elimination of PLLA provoke a major international scandal. "The fact that PHFA learn over 100 foreign students, because the University has a high international rating coterminosity diploma in the field of pharmacy. Neither PGA or PSUNR to which you want to attach pharmakeia, these ratings do not. So graduates are foreigners will not be able to work after graduation. I wonder what will make the power, when you get notes of protest to the foreign Ministry? And who is responsible for the complication of international relations?" - said the candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of Management and Economics of pharmacy Perm state pharmaceutical Academy Pavel Guryanov.Recall the days of the petition to the Minister of health has signed nearly a thousand students PGFA.

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