Next year the cost sipaddress families of the Sverdlovsk region "grow up""

Next year the cost sipaddress families of the Sverdlovsk region The Ministry of social policy of the Sverdlovsk region in the next year will remain in full funding of the costs of compliance with all applicable obligations under the provision of social support. About this at the meeting of the conciliation Committee on the budget reported to the head of the Ministry of social policy of the region Andrey Zlokazov.As reported in the Department of information policy of the Governor, currently live in Sverdlovsk region 376,4 thousand people receiving Federal benefits, 411,57 thousand people regional. The total number of beneficiaries - 788 thousand people. About 600 thousand Sredneuralsk have the right to measures of social support."In 2014 within the framework of the regional program "Social support and social services to the population of the Sverdlovsk region till 2020" planned allocation of 34.6 billion rubles in the first nine months of the current year budget assignment executed by 72.2%. In 2015 it is planned to get on the implementation of this program 36.8 billion rubles, including 4.8 billion rubles from the Federal budget. Almost 80% of the allocated funds will be directed to the performance of the regional laws and regulations of the regional government. Costs are adjusted for the indexation of benefits and compensation. Social support of families in 2015 it is planned to allocate 8.9 billion rubles - per billion rubles more than in the current year", - told the deputies Andrei Zlokazov.The head of the social Department also added that next year will continue the payment of the regional maternity capital to women who gave birth to or adopted a third child or subsequent children. Will significantly increase spending on social support of families with many children. As before, next year will be allocated funds for state support of socially oriented non-profit organizations.Note that the support of the Institute for child and family is one of the main tasks of the regional social policy, the implementation of which is under the control of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvasheva. In this regard, in addition to the parent capital provides new benefits: lump - the woman who gave birth to two more children, a monthly cash payment in connection with the birth of a third or subsequent children. Organized conditions for social assistance to families, taking children in foster care or under guardianship, as well as those parents who become adoptive parents of the child. Special attention is paid to those who provide assistance in family upbringing left without parental care, disabled children, brothers and sisters, as well as minors over 12 years of age.

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