Evgeny Kuyvashev summed up "Innoprom 2014": contracts signed more than 50 billion rubles

Evgeny Kuyvashev summed up The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev summarized fifth anniversary exhibition "Innoprom 2014". About the results of the event, as well as plans for the "Innoprom 2015" the Governor said during today's press conference, BelTA .According to Eugene Kuyvasheva, according to the results of "Innoprom 2014" was signed by more than 50 agreements, 19 of them big. According to preliminary data, they estimated a little more than 50 billion rubles"It is possible that the amount will increase, but I do not exclude that for some transactions it may be reduced. We are interested agreements within the framework of industrial and investment programs. Primarily interested in the quality, validity and soundness partners", - said the Governor.He also denied rumors that allegedly not performed Analytics on signed agreements. According to the head of the Middle Urals, "it can't be because of the agreement is one of the goals of the exhibition".Speaking about the results of the jubilee "Innoprom", Evgeny Kuyvashev also touched on the topic "super tram, presents "Uralvagonzavod". In particular, he commented recently appeared on the network image, with which the townspeople illustrate that the tram will not fit into the urban environment. "You know how much money I make on the road? This is a very decent amount. There is every reason to believe that this problem we will make it", - said the Governor.He also stressed that at the present time in Ekaterinburg is really necessary to change the organization of the road network. It must meet transport and human flows. The network needs a major upgrade. It is expected that in trial operation R1 will be introduced to the next "Innoprom".As for plans for the exhibition next year, according to the head of the region, we will have a new partner. With the desire to become a member of the "Innoprom 2015" by the Chinese side. In addition, the desire was expressed by the representatives of the chamber of Commerce in Germany. As said Yevgeny Kuyvashev, currently held its first meeting on "Innoprom 2015".We already know that next year the exhibition will also be formed on cluster basis. The greatest attention will be paid to the mechanical engineering, metal processing, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.According to the Governor, the changes are expected and the pavilion of the EXPO. It is planned to prepare a separate pavilion, the square is the same, where the plenary sessions. In addition, at the present time is not yet completely finished entrance - next year this work will be complete. This will create another 16-18 thousand square meters of business space, and those "squares", where now runs the business program is to pay for the exhibition.We would add that this year many visitors "Innoprom" did not wait "children's day" or any children's program. The Governor promised that next year, this shortcoming will be corrected. According to him, he was in talks with "Formicas" and the organizing Committee. But the results still remained unconvinced"."We must do rides and children's program. But they convinced me that there will be programs on the stands.

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