"Capillary" approach to the development of the Far East may not be good, say MPs

According the Russian Federation criticized for insufficient attention to integrated development of the Far East. The Minister does not agree with it, but, however, does not deny the importance of the point, "capillary", a detailed approach to the development of the region, the correspondent .In addition to creating areas of advanced development, a priority of the Far East is the implementation of investment projects. They will support those projects that give "more taxes, more private investment and more development," explained Alexander Galushka.Currently analyzed about 380 investment projects ready for implementation. "Of which 19 were selected. These are the projects for construction of plants oil and gas, fish and timber, agro-processing, run a whole range of mining and processing plants," he said.He led the first real example of what to do in the far East that "the economy has evolved, and people came". "The index of industrial production in the Chukchi AO this year amounted to 183%. The region, where winter is 60 degrees, and the average annual temperature is minus 10. Due to the fact that they had figured out the specific problems, projects, handed them to from beginning to end, provided the start and the practical implementation, the subject observed the immigration. This is not just another social utopia, but the practical answer to the question that gives applied microeconomic project work", - said the dumplings.The budget allocation for the provision of investment projects increased by more than 40 billion rubles "However, the list of these projects is still not approved and the legal grounds for the establishment of a network of areas of advanced development is not yet created", - said, in turn, auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Yury Roslyak.State Duma deputies insist on the necessity of the distribution of preferences for business throughout the Far East. "A significant change in the integrated development of the national economy in the far East no. The search for and production of natural resources in the far East - the natural need to work hard and get a decent reward. So far ignored the rule, stimulating the population to legally earn productive labour. At the same time in Canada and Alaska is a highly developed industry. The search and exploration of mineral resources are engaged in small businesses. In Russia there is nothing like this," said a member of the Communist party faction Alexei Kornienko. The liberal Democrats came up with a proposal to extend the successful practice of creating special economic zone in Magadan throughout the region.Earlier, the risks from the point of approach to the development of the Far East announced, and the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

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