Yekaterinburg veterans were not aware of the meeting on the question of benefits. Deputies: "the Communist party moved to the side of the "grey house""

Yekaterinburg veterans were not aware of the meeting on the question of benefits. Deputies: Yekaterinburg veterans were not aware of the meeting of the Sverdlovsk reguline the Communist party associated with the increase in the cost of concessionary travel on public transport. Yesterday, the voters of the Communists said that not even heard of such shares. Deputies of EGD note that the Sverdlovsk cell of the Communist party has long been completely moved to the side of the "grey house" and it is possible that the meeting is conducted specifically, "then turn". This was discussed during today's press conference, BelTA .Recall now Sverdlovsk Communists, which is not just "caught" in affiliation with the city administration, conducted in Yekaterinburg rally against rising fares on public transport. About this on his page in Facebook said the first Secretary of the regional party Committee Alexander Ivashev.Notably, the head of the Sverdlovsk Communists, apparently, understands that "connection" Communists "grey house" is becoming clearer, therefore, speaking about the upcoming rally, said: "I Want once and for all explain that the Communist party will not play on the side of one of the houses of power. The only subject whose interests we represent, and we will present are the inhabitants of the Sverdlovsk region and Yekaterinburg, especially pensioners, veterans, the disabled and the poor, because they more than anyone need protection and support. That is why today we deliberately don't ask for the resignation of the Governor or landing Jacob. We are not going to give a trump card in the hands of neither the one nor the other. To be honest, we only want to repeat the situation in 2009, showing the powers that be the whole of the reality and danger of social explosion caused by their actions. Only then will they finish to shift the responsibility for the collapse of the transport sector from the shoulders to strangers and will finally sit down and negotiate, i.e. do something for the benefit of the residents of the city.".

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