In the Northern regions of the Urals grown meat and cheese. Height reaches 20%

In the Northern regions of the Urals grown meat and cheese. Height reaches 20%With the introduction of a food embargo, the price of meat and cheese in the Northern regions of the Urals visibly jumped. On Yamal growth reached 60 rubles, or 20%, correspondent .According to the information-analytical system of monitoring and analysis of socio-economic development of Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets, for the year, from 13 January to 8 December, the price of beef in the Autonomous districts rose by 8% and 19.4 per cent respectively. If in the beginning of the year in Yugra pounds of beef can be purchased for 279,26 rubles, now the average price of meat is 302,34 RUB On the Yamal Peninsula, the difference is more significant: 313,73 and 374,57 rubles per kilo.The price of pork and lamb increased by 11-13%. In Yugra - an increase of nearly 33 rubles, Yamal - up to 42 rubles Today kilogram of pork in the YNAO is 354,12 rubles, lamb - 377,62 RUB In Yugra significantly lower - 300,59 RUB 317,93 rubles per kilogram, respectively.Note that in Yugra the price of meat about half increased after the introduction of a food embargo, that is, from the beginning of September. On Yamal significant growth occurred in the first half of 2014, the same situation with the cost of frozen fish. If Yugra a price increase of 5% occurred in the autumn, on the Yamal price grew gradually over the years, and eventually increased by 9%. Now in Yugra kilogram of fish is 143,07 rubles, on the Yamal Peninsula is much higher, 211,47 RUBThe price of chicken meat since the beginning of the year in Yugra rose by 7.4%, in the Yamal - by 11.3%, the cost is 163,42 and 209,58 rubles per kilogram, respectively.Changed and dairy prices. Liter of pasteurized milk 2,5-3,2% fat content in Ugra is 58,1 rubles, Yamal - 75,68 rubles Since the beginning of the year milk in the region has risen by 7 and 12 rubles respectively.The price for sour cream in Yugra increased by 15 rubles and is now 235,43 RUB On the Yamal Peninsula, the difference in two times more, but the cost is a bit lower than in the neighboring region - 233,49 rubles per kilo.A little cheaper in Yugra chicken eggs. In the beginning of the year was worth a dozen 58,84 rubles, now 54,31 rubles Note that in September has been a marked decline when eggs cost only 49,35 RUB On the Yamal Peninsula, the price tag is slightly changed in the direction of a price rise. Since the beginning of the year, the price of eggs rose by almost 6 rubles and amounted 67,7 rubles per dozen.In both the Northern regions is a significant rise in price of cottage cheese and cheese. In KHMAO kilo of cheese is 341,6 rubles, which is 25 rubles above the January rates. The cost of cheese rose by as much as 50 rubles and amounted to 371,81 rubles per kilo. On the Yamal Peninsula with the same difference has changed the price of the cheese, now kg is 380,09 rubles, and the cheese has risen by 60 rubles, or 14%. Pounds sold average for 432,2 RUBUnlike the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, Tyumen region the cost of bread, flour, salt and sugar remained at the same level. Price fluctuations are no more than 3 rubles At that time, as on the Yamal flour went up by RUR 4, bread - 5 rubles, pounds of bakery products of wheat flour 1 and 2 varieties now stands 63,56 RUB Salt and sugar went up by 2 rubles and are 19,12 and 53.8 rubles per kilogram, respectively.Cereals in the Northern regions rose by an average of 5 rubles it is Noteworthy that from September on Yamal fell sharply, the price of millet. Kilogram today is 46,86 rubles, whereas in early autumn, the cost exceeded 63 rublesSame story with vegetables. Potatoes, cabbage and carrots on the Yamal Peninsula fell by an average of 3 rubles and are today 32, 30 and 37 rubles per kilogram, respectively. Yugra, in contrast, can boast lower prices for vegetables.

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