The head of the Russian space became involved in the case

The head of the Russian space became involved in the caseThe main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow opened a criminal case against Sergey Lazarev, Deputy General Director of FSUE "Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure".The occasion was a materials testing Roscosmos, held in TsENKI this summer by order of the head of the space Agency Oleg Ostapenko. At the time of inspection Lazarev was acting Director of the FSUE "TsENKI".In Roscosmos said that the materials according to the inspection results were transmitted to the Investigative Committee at the end of July: there, among other things, described the revealed violations of the procurement of fuel for heating objects Baikonur in winter 2013/2014, which resulted in the loss of 13 million rubles.During testing, Roscosmos Lazarev publicly stated that this check is initiated Ostapenko order to prevent his appointment as General Director of FSUE "TsENKI".This test is not the only episode that points to a complex relationship Oleg Ostapenko and Sergey Lazarev: in April Ostapenko has cancelled his order competition for the right to lead the center. The contest was cancelled a week before the supposed date of the event, when all contestants have submitted documents to the Commission.Officially, the Russian space Agency has explained the abolition of "operational necessity" - this reason is given in the announcement on the Agency's website. Documents filed three contenders: Sergey Lazarev, a former officer of the GRU Dmitry Panov, and Vladimir Ermilov, former Director of the Institute launch complexes to them. Barmine, one of the branches of FSUE "TsENKI"".

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