European cheeses Russians in the near future will not see, - the expert

European cheeses Russians in the near future will not see, - the expertThe process of import substitution rather long, which at the time of the domestic counters may be lost cheeses premium, said at a press conference on Wednesday, the Executive Director of the Association of retail companies (HSE) Andrey Karpov, correspondent ."Quite a long time trade organization taught consumers to certain cheeses, as well as for Norwegian salmon. European cheeses, and of course we will not see, but in the near future should come suppliers from other countries, do not fall under the embargo," said Karpov.He stressed that it was necessary to do my own cheese. "Besides, we are all for it", - he added."As for fish, it increases the presence of river fish, just by itself, the process of finding suppliers and production growth is quite long," said Karpov.He recalled that the Russian Federation intends to help with the organization of supplies from the Far East."People now talk about the shortage of fish in the "Auchan", but it's more the economy segment, and if you take the "Azbuka Vkusa", there is already feedback, the fish begins to emerge from new suppliers," said Karpov.

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