Sensational findings Tyumen archaeologists discovered on the site of the battle of Ermak with the Tatars, will be presented at the conference in TSU

Sensational findings Tyumen archaeologists discovered on the site of the battle of Ermak with the Tatars, will be presented at the conference in TSUAt Tyumen state University will be held on December 9-10 all-Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation "the Annexation of Siberia to Russia: new data". To analyze and discuss the historical, cultural, ethnic situation in Siberia XVI-XVIII centuries are invited specialists in the field of history, archaeology, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, law, linguistics, tourism, museums and literary criticism. Participants while still forming, but it is already known that the archaeological finds made by the staff of the University for the first time will be presented at this conference, the correspondent .Recall, as previously reported , archaeologists Tyumen state University this summer led excavations at the Karachinsky island in the lower reaches of the Tobol. In the last days of the expedition they were able to make some sensational finds. As he told the head of the Museum of archaeology and Ethnography TSU Gregory Nagibin on the island were discovered lead bullets, which presumably belong to the late 16th - early 17th century and are likely to testify that this is exactly the place, where he was one of the stages of the battle between the warriors Kuchum and Cossack Ermak. Previously lead bullets in the Urals Federal district is not found, even during excavations in Tobolsk.Today, December 1, Gregory Nagibin told the correspondent that the conference will discuss several topics: new approaches to the reading of sources; the image of the Yermak in literature, folklore and art; the possibility of archaeological research in the reconstruction of military events; anthropology, history, life of Cossacks of Siberia; the events of the XVI-XVIII centuries in Siberia in the writings of travelers, scientists, witnesses. The head of the Museum of archaeology and Ethnography TSU plans to act on the second topic and talk about the weapons and military Affairs of Russian pioneers, according to archeology, and the findings that were made in the summer.According to Nagibin, Dating lead bullets more accurately is impossible, and archaeologists still they belong to the late 16th - early 17th century. Such bullets are often found during excavations FORTS in Eastern Siberia."The weapon type and ammunition too. The fact of the discovery of bullets in such a large number of most likely suggests that they are associated with a team Ermak. In my personal opinion, the investigated area is the place where the final stage of the battle. For a more accurate picture of need, of course, to increase the area of research and discover additional military weapons Russian or Tatar, so you can say: who where shot as troops were moving where. While the picture of the battle is difficult," said Nagibin.The historian notes that in the summer, archaeologists also found fragments of two iron knives, two ring, buttons, coins, but they belong to a later period: late 17th - early 18th century. Things that could tell scientists about the war-time events Ermak was not detected.However, the findings allowed us to make several conclusions, in particular, that not all written sources relating to the period of development of Siberia, accurate, in that time, as it is for him until we know about the events of those times."We conducted archaeological excavations on the basis of a written source - remizowski chronicle. There is a description of several places, including the capture of the town of Karachi, and there are illustrations where this fight is depicted. Organized searches of town, wintering, the place of the battle. As it turned out, the literary sources contain wrong information, because in that part of the island, which is depicted in remizowski chronicle, where we found no military objects. Archaeological excavations provide an opportunity to verify the data written sources, which is important because we know about the development of Western Siberia are not many, and mostly from written sources," said Nagibin.

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