By the beginning of the school year Sverdlovsk school should be ready by the end of this week: in "black list" hit Artie, Nevyansk, tugulym, Kamensk and Belozerka

By the beginning of the school year Sverdlovsk school should be ready by the end of this week: in The Chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk region Denis Pasler, currently acting Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, are on vacation, gave instructions to the Ministry of General and professional education and the heads of municipal entities in connection with the preparation of the regional school for the new academic year. Work on the preparation of schools for the new school year must be completed before the end of this week, meanwhile, a number of municipalities were in the "black list". This was discussed at the conference of the head of the regional government with the heads of municipalities.As reported in the Department of information policy of the head of the region, among the objectives of the Prime Minister, control over the timely completion of repairs of educational institutions, ensuring the safety of pupils, and also the device in school children of IDPs from the South-East of Ukraine."Preparing schools this year should end on 15 August. Most municipalities deadlines maintain, and work in them are already finished or ends in the coming days. However, in some municipalities there are problems with receiving schools due to lengthy repairs," said the Pasler.According to him, we are talking about Artinskian, Neviansk, Kamenskoye, Beloyarsk, urban districts.Minister of General and professional education of Sverdlovsk oblast Yuri Bekturganov reported that in the region formed the registry of educational institutions taken to the beginning of the school year. This year there are more than 1 thousand municipal schools. The Minister noted that every year in the preparation of educational institutions by September 1 decreases the number of violations. This year, reducing the number of violations of sanitary norms amounted to 35% compared to last year, fire safety requirements - 9% of violations in the sphere of anti-terrorist protection - 14%.Note that to eliminate the identified infractions of the requirements this year was sent to 120 million rubles from various funding sources. In addition, for carrying out major repairs of municipal schools from the regional budget allocated 79,5 million rubles, from local budgets - 154,8 million rubles These funds were spent on capital repairs of 292 schools.According to Yuri Bekturganova, as of August 13 acceptance procedure is passed 895 schools, 89% of the total municipal educational institutions. However, this figure is 6% more than in the same period last year. This work was completed in 38 municipalities. However, experience shows that the most intensive work on receiving the most complex objects falls on the last days of the schedule. So, on August 14 and 15 will be put immediately 96 schools, at the same time training transferred to 32 objects.The heads of these municipalities reported to the Prime Minister on the work carried out in schools in anticipation of the beginning of the school year and planned timing of delivery of objects. They all assured the regional premiere that education until the end of August will be prepared to work.So, according to the Deputy head of the administration of Yekaterinburg on the social policies of Mikhail Matveev, in the town of acceptance were 151 of 167 schools, 11 institutions will be commissioned before the end of the week. Will remain five schools, one of which decided to close and disband after the examination of the technical condition of the building. The remaining four schools will be ready for August 26. According to him, among the reasons of migration schedules ongoing repairs of educational institutions due to adverse weather conditions.Among other reasons for exit from the graph, the heads of municipalities called slow work of the contractor, the need for repeated municipal competition for the renovation of school because of errors participants, the need for additional unplanned work on objects and others.Denis Pasler has instructed the Minister of education and heads of municipal formations of the region to keep under constant control the progress of work on still missed objects. Also, the Prime Minister has instructed the heads of municipal formations attentive to the timing of competitive procedures: it is necessary to declare them for a month or two earlier, to prevent breakdown repairs.Yet another decision concerns the security of the road in the path of students in educational institutions. Chapter STSI in Sverdlovsk oblast Yuri Demin, who also participated in the conference, said that so far in the region remains a large number of schools with access to the roadway, where there is sufficient lighting, road signs, are not equipped properly sidewalks and so on.

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