Silicon valley will create on the island of Russian

Silicon valley will create on the island of RussianPlenipotentiary in the far East Yury Trutnev believes that the far Eastern Federal University in the area of future scientific development, correspondent .He said this in a TV interview Primorye. Yuri Trutnev called wrong, if the great and wonderful complex FEFU, built for the APEC summit, will remain in the University."It is not just education, but also work for young, talented scientists and not only the Russian Federation. To do so, to collect the talents of Asian Pacific countries", - said the envoy.Trutnev has shared the perspectives of the development of the island of Russian. "There are proposals to create a semblance of silicon valley USA. To create a place where gathers talents, people in breakthrough areas of science and create the high-tech product, which is then reproducerea in technology in a number of countries," said the Plenipotentiary representative in the far East.According to him, in Primorye has the necessary potentials for development. "We have talented people less? Only in silicon valley thirty percent of our scientists. Let's create conditions for them here.

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