The chamber and the front fell upon the hall: In Ekaterinburg no one oversees city finances!

The chamber and the front fell upon the hall: In Ekaterinburg no one oversees city finances!City finances no one controls, such conclusions can be drawn from the report submitted to the Governor of the regional accounting chamber. "Black mark" of the city administration sent and the popular front.Recall that in late April Evgeny Kuyvashev has held a working meeting with Chairman of the accounts chamber Andrey Efimov. The Governor then ordered to reinforce control over the efficiency of spending of budget funds allocated for the construction and repair of roads in Yekaterinburg. Andrey Efimov informed the head of the region about the fact that during previous audits, the accounts chamber of the Sverdlovsk region have already found examples of fail budgetary funds.Sources in the "yellow house" reported that, according to the findings of the joint venture, in the municipality not in control of not only the cost of road construction and repair. Control in Yekaterinburg, accumulating huge amounts of money, just not today in the municipality lacks the audit authority responsible for reviewing the budget spending.Until recently, the chamber existed in the structure of the Ekaterinburg city Duma. However, in accordance with the requirement of Federal law, the municipalities should be created for control and audit bodies, with organizational and functional independence and carrying out its activities independently."From February 28, 2014 this body, which was structurally in the city Council, ceased to exist. Today in Yekaterinburg there is no body which provides independent municipal control, as required by Federal law. From February 28 all employees of structural subdivisions of the Council in the form of the audit authority just lost his job," said the authors in the chamber.The leader of the faction "Fair Russia" in the regional Parliament Dmitry Jonas believes that the city administration deliberately wants to "hide" his statements: "In the city Duma after the elections came a new serious backbone members who wanted to continue a rigorous audit of the city administration. But the municipality surreptitiously pushed conclusion of the JV from the influence of the city Duma, while it is not built. I think Tungus wants to hide all the documentation as far as possible from possible checks, and some members of this seriously now confront".While the city budget Yekaterinburg is considerable funds, spending them now no one controls. "Unfortunately, the administration of Yekaterinburg sometimes falls out of the General outline of the implementation of the existing legislation," - said the "yellow house".To create a foreign Supervisory authority, you must change the Charter of the municipality, and then approve the appropriate position. The chamber of Sverdlovsk region have appealed to the Ekaterinburg city Duma with a request to do the work. But still the question remains open.Just Sverdlovsk region currently there are 72 of the audit authority, established in accordance with Federal law. In January, they joined the Association.Frank mess in the city administration is already causing public discontent citizens. Yesterday, more than 2 thousand people came to the rally in the center of Yekaterinburg, demanding the resignation of the leadership of the city."The activity of the inhabitants of the city who came to the rally, is very revealing. All they wanted to Express their disagreement with the activities of the city administration of Ekaterinburg. I fully support the slogan about "the care of the head of administration of Jacob". Moreover, they had to leave and others sat in their seats officials, such as the Tungus, Wysokinski, Tushin. All this team, in my opinion, works only for himself, which negatively affects the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg," says a member of staff of the Sverdlovsk branch of the popular front Sergei Arotin.It is noteworthy that all the troubles of power Yekaterinburg traditionally blame or regional and Federal authorities, or citizens. According to city officials, municipal functions must fulfill all but themselves.

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