In Zauralye again will be looking for oil. The search will be engaged in strange company, established last year

In Zauralye again will be looking for oil. The search will be engaged in strange company, established last yearA message indicating that the region will once again look for oil, stirred skeptics and analysts. And the reason is not even in doubt, will find in the region of hydrocarbon raw materials, and that finding him is going to make anyone not known to date, the company LLC "Cuernavaca". The company not only has a history, but registered at the address where there is virtually no office, correspondent .Information about company "Cuernavaca" received the right to carry out geological work in the Eastern part of the Kurgan region, and to be more precise, on Dmitrovsky area in Microsoftcom area, published portal According to them, the area is 30.4 square miles there "Cuernavaca plans to search for hydrocarbons. The plot is poorly investigated in 1970-80-ies were held here geophysical research. Along drilled a number of deep stratigraphic boreholes, VNIGNI estimates inferred resources of hydrocarbon raw materials (oil with associated gas) by category D2 in the amount of 0.03 million tons.T.As the source noted in this area on condition of anonymity, Cuernavaca" unknown and has no reputation and technological base for such interventions."The company has no history, no reputation. Usually if a company says something will look, and she has a name and reputation, then doubt not normally occurs that will find. Because they know how to seek, know the technology, they have the equipment. Here to find going to unknown company "Cuernavaca". What she has technological base?", asks the source.According to the official news Agency, to develop on this site and to extract oil hopeless. Even if confirmed forecast, the supply reservoir may be 30 thousand tons of oil. It also remains unclear how the money will be involved in the development of the field."We need to look at sources of funding. Stand out whether the money from the regional budget, or it transfers Federal, or your money will look for, or is it a money loan. If money budget, then laid in the budget? Even if it would be about 20 million rubles, the big money", - said the interlocutor .The interlocutor of the Agency doubts caused by the fact that about company "Cuernavaca" no information. The information card indicated that the company is located at the address: Kurgan, Ul. Burova-Petrova, D. 60/VIII. But this building was a dwelling house, where on the ground floor are small shops, and there was no Surneftegas" is not there."Would be a self-respecting company there is the office open? Be serious...", - he summed up.Reporter visited the specified address and I haven't found office "Cuernavaca". At the same time, the reporter failed to contact the Director of "Surneftegas" Rinat Gaynulinym. According to him, information about the company there is no, because it was created last year specifically to participate in the auction and the development of Demetrius plot. As noted by the Director of the company, he already had several firms, he has experience in prospecting for oil in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, however, still unsuccessful.Multi-storey house on the street Burova-Petrov, in which the company is registered "Cuernavaca".

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