After the Prosecutor's check "draw" and a criminal case in public procurement: the contractor repairing the road Karpinsk-Kytlym, suspected of fraud

After the Prosecutor's check According to the results of the Prosecutor's investigation criminal case in the field of public procurement. The basis for conducting oversight of the activities was the request of one of the bidders. The suspect was shot by the contractor performing the repair of the highway Karpinsk-Kytlym. As a result of unfair performed work of Federal and regional budget has suffered damages in the amount of 4.6 million rublesAs have informed in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office, violations were identified through the verification of compliance with the legislation in the sphere of placement of orders for state needs, the October district Prosecutor's office. In the course of Supervisory activities, it was found that in October of last year, the highway Administration initiated tenders for execution of works on the organization of the reconstruction of the highway Karpinsk-Kytlym on the territory of the urban district of Karpinsk, as well as additional work on the installation of barrier fencing.By results of auction, with the winning bidder is a limited liability company, was awarded a government contract. In December of last year the work by the contractor were made and paid by customer in full. In this case, in violation of the terms of the contract, when performing Dobrobut organization took a more cheap way to install barrier fencing. So, instead of carrying out work using a crane-boring machine with further concreting the contractor has applied the technology driving the racks with the use of pile machine. As a result, the Federal and regional budget has suffered damages in the amount of 4.6 million rublesThe results of the investigation the Prosecutor's office sent the materials to the investigating authorities for further action. Currently, according to the results of their consideration on the given fact criminal case under article "Fraud"".

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