Ivan Okhlobystin: I will be forced to go into politics!

Ivan Okhlobystin: I will be forced to go into politics!Actor Ivan Okhlobystin, a former priest, made an unexpected announcement on his page in the social network "Vkontakte"."Well that went over the hour "omega". It appears that I will have to do politics. I will be 100 days to think, to pray and watch. I'll wait for the unanimous decision of the Russian people. Otherwise it makes no sense.I sincerely hoped that passes. But.... So Is The Will Of God!The Glory Of The Russian Empire!", wrote the Okhlobystin.Previously, he has already tried to do politics, was a member of the political party "Right cause", but then left it (after criticism from the ROC). Okhlobystin was even announced the existence of his presidential ambitions. However, at the last presidential election run did not, although, according to many political scientists, had a chance at least to collect the necessary for candidate registration, the number of signatures throughout Russia, because it is a very popular figure in the media.

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