In the Surgut district relatives "rescued" a witness the police. Comment by security forces

In the Surgut district relatives In the Surgut district during the ensuing fight, the villagers beat the police to his countryman. In a fight he took part came from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Dagestan. At the same time, security officials and journalists have different interpretations of the events that occurred in early July with a resident of the village Nizhnesortymski.The incident occurred on 1 July, when a man came to the police. By arresting him, they went to lantor to testify in the case. In arresting a man had to know about his relatives. Road police cars ran over the bridge, on one of the sites which has been repaired. Machine with detainees stopped to wait for the green signal. In this moment caught up with her relatives, called to their aid. Started a scuffle, during which the resident of the village managed to escape from the car to escape, said the Agency "SurgutInformTV".The Agency results announced at a press conference police data: the fight was attended by people from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Dagestan. The fugitive was found and taken to jail. He was charged under the article "Disobedience to the police". In addition to runaway detained two residents of the village, the most actively took part in the fight. One was the arrest of eight days and the case for the use of violence against members of the government, the other 15 days of arrest. Another man is on the run.According to an employee of the press service of Ministry of internal Affairs in the Surgut district Olga Almacena, the threat of violence against the police actually took place."Man you must have been interrogated as a witness. When the police arrived after him, he agreed to go. It was carried across the bridge, which was repaired. There was organized a reverse movement. Machine policemen stopped. At this time, violating traffic rules, drove the car. He was standing ahead of the police car and wedged in front of him. Naturally, the staff came out to issue a violation. The situation grew into disobedience, and then the threat of use of violence against the police," said Olga Almacena.She further explained that it was caused by the additional police. Subsequently, the Investigation Committee has decided to initiate proceedings in respect of a person who came to protect the countryman. The case was initiated under article "violence against a representative of authority" (article 318 of the criminal code).But the most important episode of the situation - the escape - the employee of the press service said, "No escape was not. The man was a witness.

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