Putin has heard the pleas of regional TV channels? BIP suggested that the Duma to amend the controversial law on advertising bans

Putin has heard the pleas of regional TV channels? BIP suggested that the Duma to amend the controversial law on advertising bansPossibly fatal to the regional and municipal TV with effect from 1 January 2015 the law on prohibition to advertise on pay cable channels will be adjusted according to the correspondent .Before it became known that the representatives of the popular front appealed to the President with a proposal to support independent cable TV networks from January 1, 2015, if the law is not in any way changed, will lose advertising revenue. This was stated by the co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the Popular front Alexander Brechalov."Typically, cable TV is an independent media municipal and regional levels. It is the representatives of the telecommunications market turned in front of many regions of the country. Only the audience in the subjects of the Russian Federation, under the new provisions of the law "On advertising", over 60 million people. In this segment of the market for nearly 6 thousand people. According to the most conservative estimates of experts, the advertising revenues of approximately two hundred TV channels in 2014 are 635 million. The entry into force of the law will lead to the dismissal of nearly 1.7 million people. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region will be closed three television in Kamensk-Uralsky. And in Tatarstan local TV is the most popular channel of awareness. In most regions it is cable TV channels are the main channel to inform the public on regional and municipal agenda," he said Brechalov.He added that the negative consequences will affect small and medium businesses that do not have the opportunity to advertise on national television channels: "with this in mind, the all-Russian popular front asks the President about the support. If the President is going to support us, the State Duma will be promptly adjusted accordingly".Recall that the amendments to the law "On advertising" prohibiting advertising on TV, "accessed solely on a fee basis and (or) using decoding of technical devices" were adopted by the state Duma, approved by the Federation Council and signed by President Putin last summer. Norm enters into force on 1 January 2015.The law States that the prohibition does not apply to the national mandatory public TV channels. Such broadcasters ten: it is the "First" channel "Russia 1", "Russia 2", "Russian Culture", "Russia 24", NTV, channel five", "Carousel", "TV Center" and "Public television of Russia". All operators of cable and satellite TV are obliged to distribute these channels in their networks. In addition, the prohibition does not apply to channels that are distributed using limited radio frequency resources through terrestrial broadcasting".Vladimir Putin, according to the press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov, "with attention to the initiatives of the popular front" and can charge to study the issue to the relevant authorities.But almost until the fate of the amendments is not yet clear. Until January these amendments will not be accepted, the state Duma has completed its work. Thus, the ban will still take effect from 1 January.It is important to note that today the nationwide list of paid and free channels no, although the Ministry of communications sent to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) is responsible for the observance of legislation on advertising, its position in relation to advertising on pay channels".From the message of the Ministry of communications indicated that in addition to these nationwide mandatory public TV ban will not affect those companies that received a license for terrestrial broadcasting according to the results of competitions held by the Federal competition Commission when Roskomnadzor. In addition, do not apply restrictions on various technological version of the above channels, such as broadcast in HD.Its explained on the basis of the recommendations of the Ministry of communications in October released and the FAS. The FAS in the clarification also indicated that the full list of channels where you can place your advertisement will be published on the website of the Ministry of communications.But now it became known that from the idea to publish a list of such channels, it was decided to refuse. According to RBC, 29 December, Deputy head of FAS Andrey Kashevarov made this statement. Just the list is very extensive, the official said. Therefore, according to him, the broadcasters can apply to FAS or directly to the Ministry of communications with the question, are they subject to or not to take effect from 1 January limitations. Several such requests FAS already answered, added Cooks.In January, the FAS will plan their audits of the execution of this provision. If you complain of a violation of this prohibition will promptly respond promised Cooks.Deputy Minister of communications and mass media Alexei Volin confirmed RBC: the list will not, because it is due to the large number of issued licenses for terrestrial broadcasting get bulky and chances are that someone will forget to make."It was not our decision and not our proposal. These decisions were initiated by the representatives of the mass media, more precisely, the leadership of these [Federal] channels," commented Vladimir Putin banning advertising on pay TV channels at its annual big press conference on December 18.A source at one of the Federal TV channels previously explained RBC appearance of the ban: thematic channels distributed through cable and satellite, with each year increase its total share of the audience, taking the audience at the Federal broadcasting channels, while advertising revenues thematic TV is still very small. But to this until thin cash trickle soon turned into a mighty river, it was decided "to dry". For the first nine months of 2014 advertising revenues terrestrial broadcasters was to assess the Association of communication agencies of Russia, 109,3-to 109.6 billion rubles without VAT, thematic channels - only 2.8 billion rublesHowever, recognizes the interlocutor of RBC, adopted constraint did not improve the position of the terrestrial broadcasters: money-themed TV next year will go to the Internet.There is a political solution to significantly mitigate the prohibition of advertising on paid channels, according to sources RBC, close to the leadership of the state Duma and the presidential administration. One of the interlocutors do not even exclude that the ban may soon be abolished completely. Other sources believe that the restrictions will be partially revised.The interlocutors RBC believe that fired last week the Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom-media" Mikhail Lesin had to do with the notorious law.If the Duma is really with the filing of the popular front decides to do a favor for regional and municipal cable TV channels, they can be detected will be issued licenses.As explained RBC: "In recent years due to the planned transition to digital television broadcasting licence (which automatically makes the channel is free) was not given, but only has been extended. New channels were able to get the so-called universal license to broadcast in all technical environments. As follows from the register of licenses for broadcasting, which leads Roskomnadzor, many regional channels universal issue licenses only to your subject of the Russian Federation. For example, for LLC "Video-Abakan" fixed universal license # 26151 from 24 December 2014, allowing you to broadcast only in Abakan and Sayanogorsk, Republic of Khakassia. And OOO "prima TV Network Sharypovo" received 27 December 2014 universal license No. 26106 broadcasting channel "prima Plus solely in the city of Sharypovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai.Simply, explains partner of the Moscow office of the College of lawyers media Fedor Kravchenko, such media were registered in the territorial offices of Roskomnadzor, respectively, in their certificates of registration specified in this one area of distribution and are therefore the same and limited license to broadcast.But the most famous theme channels have a universal license immediately all over the country. LLC "TV Channel "Rain" for the same media is a universal license # 21522 from 30 July 2012, LLC "discovery communicatns" for Discovery World Channel No. 21208 July 10, 2012, the LLC Viasat holding for Viasat History - No. 20366 from 30 March 2012.Previously Roskomnadzor reported that of all the broadcasters have a universal license, about 300 can be attributed to Federal.Current legislation allows to re-register the media from national to regional, indicates Kravchenko. Article 11 of the law "On mass media" requires mandatory re-registration of mass media when changing site distribution. Thus, if you place an advertisement can only regional and municipal TV broadcaster with a universal license for the whole country shall be entitled to re-register their media as a regional and then change the license. Moreover, said Kravchenko, nothing prevents one channel to register several regional media, each of which will receive their license.

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