Action "Koltsovo" will leave the auction because of the additional issue: the sale of shares of CRT advise... American financiers

Action Regional stake in the airport "Koltsovo" can be sold at auction because of the additional issue. Deputies believe that the scope of this money will not receive, and it will be a new form of regional output property for the benefit of private persons in Addition, as it turned out, on the sale of shares scandalous CRT advise American financiers. This was discussed at today's meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the correspondent .Today the deputies of Saxo was presented a program on state property management for the next three years, while in fact the only issue that attracted the attention of legislators, was the fate of the shares of the "Koltsovo", which the region has over CRT. Deputy Eugene Artyukh reported that there are plans for additional issue of shares "Koltsovo" in the amount of 6 billion rubles In the region's share in the capital of the company will decrease from 34% to 17%, i.e., the package will no longer be blocking. In this regard, he appealed to the head of MUGISA and the Chairman of the regional government with the question of what will happen next.Options for further development of events, in fact, two. One of them is to purchase the necessary shares for the preservation of the blocking stake, however, according to Alexei Pyankova, no money for that. Decreasing shares of its value sharply decreases, and the area is no sense in keeping the package. Then the question arises, how and when will implement these actions.The Minister agreed that if you sell it more logical to do it in a auction prior to the publication of information on the additional issue of shares "Koltsovo". According to him, the CRT is now preparing several options, including with the involvement of such financial advisors, as VTB and PricewaterhouseCoopers.The reaction of the parliamentarians was not long in coming. The head of the LDPR faction, MP, Saxo Denis Socks clarified whether in a situation of international sanctions, the government of Sverdlovsk region attracts American financiers to determine the financial model. Piankov hurried on to mention that specifically MUGISA anyone money no pay and all these actions is not involved.MP Saxo Andrew Alshevskih drew participants ' attention to the fact that among JSC, where he is involved Sverdlovsk region, "Koltsovo" no, because there are a holder of shares is a CRT and not the area. In this regard, he expressed fears that the government should only give consent to the sale. All the rest will be done by the Corporation, including and spend money. Most likely, on such projects as "EXPO-centre" and "Titanium valley".According to him, last year there were 18 transactions of this type and no audit is not conducted. This could mean that someone is trying to so the state of the field type, as previously it was eliminated through bankruptcy sue".Regional Premier Denis Pasler, speaking with reporters, said that while the question of selling is not, but discusses the various options in connection with the capital increase "Koltsovo". Two weeks earlier, Pasler has been expressed about the future of the stake in Yekaterinburg airport.

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