In the state Duma propose to discontinue the celebration of the Day of Russia. "For the people this is the date of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, and for such as Khodorkovsky or Prokhorov, this new carefree life!""

In the state Duma propose to discontinue the celebration of the Day of Russia. Deputies of the State Duma of the LDPR faction Mikhail Degtyarev and Alex Didenko propose to move the Day of Russia on September 20. This initiative of the deputies sent to the conclusion of the Government of the Russian Federation correspondent .Recall, the Day of Russia in the country is celebrated on 12 June 1994. Before this holiday was known as the Day of the adoption of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. After the enactment of the Labour code of the Russian Federation (2002) the festival has received the name - Day of Russia. The authors of the bill believe that for most people, June 12, only additional non-working day and absolutely not suitable for the celebration of the day of Russia."This date is associated with the process of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, - says Mikhail Degtyarev. - What is a holiday? For most people this is a tragedy, failure, poverty, separated families, the humiliation of Russians in the Baltic States, which left the Russian city of Kiev, Sevastopol and Baikonur. As for units, such as Khodorkovsky or Prokhorov, the collapse of the USSR is billions and new carefree life. Therefore, we believe it is wiser to postpone the Day of Russia on this memorable date, to increase the importance of the holiday, send all to the thousand-year history of Russia".Day Russia parliamentarians propose to coincide with the date 862. "Holiday June 12, did not stick, as 20 years for the state - this is ridiculous. Russia is a country with 1000 years of history, we must remember this," said Alexei Didenko."In the historical literature this year is considered the starting point of the Russian statehood and the beginning of the unification of the tribes of the East European plain under the authority of the princes of the dynasty of Rurik. The exact calendar date and month in the chronicle is not specified, so the LDPR deputies offer to celebrate this day on 20 September at the opening of the monument "Millennium of Russia", which took place 151 year ago in Veliky Novgorod. Six sculptural groups average level of the monument embody a watershed event in the history of Russia: adoption of the Rurik dynasty, the baptism of Rus, the Kulikovo battle, the centralization of the Russian state by Ivan III, the Foundation of the new Tsar of the Romanov dynasty, the emergence of the Russian Empire.

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