DND: "No definition of ways of finding a political solution is impossible and useless without recognition by the EU of the existence of Donetsk national Republic""

DND: Newborn Donetsk national Republic reacted to the so-called Geneva agreement, correspondent .The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Donetsk national Republic (DND) has released an official statement."OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING THE POSITION OF THE EU COUNCIL ON FOREIGN AFFAIRSon 14 April the Council of the EU for foreign Affairs made an extensive statement on Ukraine, which directly affects and violates the sovereign rights of the Donetsk national Republic. In particular, the EU Council stated the following:"The European Union condemns the actions taken by armed persons in the cities of Eastern Ukraine ... attempts to destabilize Ukraine must be stopped ... the Council reiterates its strong support for the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine ... the European Union calls on all parties to maintain the utmost restraint and pays tribute to the Ukrainian authorities for the fact that they obey the law and take informed actions, and encourages the government in Kiev to continue to contribute to the reduction of tensions.".

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