Went to court the next case on June the brawl in Surgut

Went to court the next case on June the brawl in SurgutThe Prosecutor's office of Surgut approved the indictment in the criminal case against four local residents. They are accused in the group conduct, on the basis of collusion (including 2 tbsp. 213 of the criminal code), light bodily injury (including 2 tbsp. 115 of the criminal code), the beating of hooliganism (item "and" h 2 tbsp. 116 of the criminal code) and deliberate damage to property of others (including 2 tbsp. 167 of the criminal code).The investigation revealed: the incident happened in June in the evening, near the shop "Pushkin" in Surgut, reported the press service of the district attorney. Four young men several times shot from a traumatic weapons. In addition, they damaged the vehicle Porsche Cayenne Isaichev him with an unknown object. Then they beat up the driver and three passengers of the car.The case went to court.Recall that the conflict struck Surgut this summer. It was attended by the locals and natives of the Caucasus republics. Then in a cafe near TC Reich" came two young men. They, according to employees establishments were drunk. These visitors began to provoke was in the cafe of immigrants from the Caucasus. After that, the conflict escalated into a full scale confrontation "Pushkin". "Lit up" in the "communication" and representatives of ambiguous organization "Conscience". Each party has developed its own version of the situation. It was immediately stained in international hue and it has been attributed both to inter-ethnic conflict. While security officials then said the conflict was domestic, not international. The administration of Surgut were asked not to focus on this event."I think, interethnic relations in our multicultural city are at a decent level. The most important thing for us today is not to react to the conflict, which receives wide publicity. On the facts of those events prosecuted ongoing investigation," said the head of Surgut Dmitry Popov."You know, let them at least what they say. If a little history to go: their countrymen have created such an attitude to him. And today, in fact, much work is being done to this situation in the city to stabilize. We all understand that the most important thing after such conflicts resonance - not to give them further development. Based today on the materials of the criminal case, we still tend to adhere to the basic version of the occurrence of quarrels, fights on home soil.

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