Arkady Beliavsky: drugs for the first half of 2015 purchased in the planned volume and prices 2014

Arkady Beliavsky: drugs for the first half of 2015 purchased in the planned volume and prices 2014Recipients of pharmaceuticals can be calm. Today at the session of the Collegium of the Ministry of health of Sverdlovsk region Minister Arkady Beliavsky commented on the situation with drug coverage in 2015.The Minister noted that in the Sverdlovsk region free and discounted medications in outpatient treatment in 2015 will be achieved in four Federal and three regional programs.As described in the Department of information policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region, at the expense of the Federal budget funded program to provide certain categories of citizens with the necessary medicines, program seven high-cost nosologies and programs to provide drugs to persons infected with the human immunodeficiency viruses and hepatitis b and C and of persons suffering from tuberculosis.Due to means of the regional budget - medications citizens suffering from certain socially significant diseases, the program "Affordable medicines the drug coverage program persons suffering from orphan (rare) diseases.Under the Federal program of preferential provision of medicines Federal beneficiaries (the ONLS program) is now established stocks of medicines, taking into account their residues produced purchase and planned deliveries until mid-2015.Federal program 7 high-cost nosologies - Ministry of health of Russia purchased all the necessary preparations for 2015 and currently actively made their deliveries to the territory of the Sverdlovsk region have already been delivered to 77 percent of the annual requirement.The regional program of preferential provision of medicines citizens suffering from orphan (rare) diseases - as of the current period inventories of drugs that are organized based on their residue produced purchase and planned supply will enable you to arrange preferential provision of medicines for citizens suffering from orphan diseases, until the middle of 2015.The regional program "Affordable drugs," drug supplies purchased for 2015, started in November 2014. Purchased all items in accordance with demand until November 2015.

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