Chelyabinsk region need 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of losing boiler

Chelyabinsk region need 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of losing boilerActing Governor of Chelyabinsk oblast Boris Dubrovsky discussed with investors the issues of implementation of joint projects on modernization of heat power in the Chelyabinsk region. The region has 72 unprofitable boiler.As reported in the press service of the head of the region, opening an extended meeting with the participation of representatives of the regional Ministry of construction, infrastructure and road management, heads of municipalities and investors, acting Governor cited the following figures: in the last three years has been replaced by 116 unprofitable boiler, which helped to reduce the annual loss budget for 211 million rublesThe project was carried out with attraction of private investments in the amount of 1 billion 350 million rubles, part of the regional budget was $ 916 million rubles Regional funding was mainly for the construction of the inlet gas networks and reconstruction of worn out network management. The business assumed in the main obligations for the reconstruction or replacement of a coal or diesel boilers with modern modular and their further maintenance."This work was marked by Dmitry Medvedev at the housing forum, which took place in June, as a good example of the quality work of the Chelyabinsk region. Should this practice continue. We currently have 72 inefficient boilers. Though it's only 10% of the total number, however, the losses from their operation according to expert estimates reach 220 million rubles in order to solve this problem, you need 1.5 billion rubles of private investments and expenditures of the regional budget were estimated at 1 billion rubles taking into account the annual loss is quite effective investment," noted the importance of the work of Boris Dubrovsky.Work with the involvement of private capital held in the region since 2011. Only in the current year from the regional budget allocated 220 million rubles for the modernization 14 inefficient boilers in 10 municipalities, another 300 million rubles investors will invest. Advanced acting head of the region has decided to assist in the construction of a new gas boiler in the town of Leninsk Miass city district, previously heated from the old departmental boiler. For construction of gas networks to the object aimed 26 million rubles from the regional budget, and the boiler will be installed in the means of private capital.As noted by the Minister of construction, infrastructure and road economy of the Chelyabinsk region Victor Tupikin, to further attract investors in the implementation of joint projects adopted a range of additional measures. "First, are long-term tariff agreement fixing the payback period of the object. Support has also been provided from the regional budget for the construction of supply networks to the new boiler, the modernization of existing networks. In addition, there is information support and coordination of joint actions of the administration of the municipalities, investors and the government of the Chelyabinsk region", - said Victor Tupikin.In the region implement their projects several investors. Among them OOO Thesis", which for four years has upgraded 14 boilers totaling 511 million rubles of own funds. The contractor puts modern units, thus creating a sound basis for supplying consumers with heat and reduce losses. However, among the problems faced by investors, debts of the population for housing and communal services. "The collection of payments from the population needs to be improved in the municipalities is very low payment discipline. And for this you need the assistance of the heads," said the investor Eugene marker.Chapter Kyshtym Lyudmila Soboleva notes that the district just 12 municipal boiler-houses, of which four production-heating, which a priori unprofitable, plus more coal and diesel boiler. "Naturally, developing a scheme of heat supply in the district, it became increasingly clear that we need to do something. For Kyshtym County only way to fight the losses is to build a new boiler and get away from ineffective. Such objects have 10, but in the regional investment program included six most "painful" objects. We are working to attract investors. Already launched one boiler in the village of Taganka, the second forward block-modular boiler house, conduct a pressure test and see how it works. In the queue for new facilities," he said on the program in Kyshtym city district Lyudmila Soboleva.Boris Dubrovsky instructed to formulate proposals on promotion of public-private partnership in housing and communal services system in the period up to August 11. "We need investors in this work. Thank you for coming! Work will continue on the same principles is our commitment, " noted the contribution of business in reforming the housing and utilities sector Boris Dubrovsky.

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