The Deputy of the regional Parliament Dmitry Jonas became a witness in the case against Oleg Cinema

The Deputy of the regional Parliament Dmitry Jonas became a witness in the case against Oleg CinemaToday MP Saxo Dmitry Jonas and his assistant were questioned in Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee. As reported by the MP, now they have the official status of a witness in the case of a Deputy of the city Duma Oleg Cinema.After polutorachasovogo questioning the MP said that basically repeated what he said earlier, but the main thing is clarified his statements that he had made in the media."My assistant constantly wrote the day when Ledovskaya appealed to us. Was told that it was said that anyone was passed. I described the conversation with Kinevil. In addition, we can point out a conversation with assistant) - was contacted by my assistant, who was also at the interrogation. The assistant said that they are trying Roizman be separated from ledovskoy, considering that it does not in itself. Apparently, this happened with the filing Cinema," said Jonas.Earlier, Jonas had already made a statement on the murder of a pensioner Olga ledovskoy. Then he said that to address the issue addressed in the receiving Roizman, but just a couple of minutes he was calling himself Oleg Kinew, who later became the defendant in this criminal case. Kinew tried to assure deputies that the woman is mentally ill.Member of the Ekaterinburg city Duma, a friend and colleague Eugene Roizman party Oleg Kinew was arrested along with three accomplices in the murder of 81-year-old pensioner Olga ledovskoy due to a three-room apartment on Botany. The body of an elderly woman was found dismembered in a swamp near Novouralsk. According to investigators, all three of them have already confessed. In addition, as previously reported, Kinev "spoke" and told a lot about their relationship with Eugene). In particular, he said that the offense pushed its large debts to the mayor of Yekaterinburg. According to Cinema, he bought Roizman parliamentary mandate for 5 million rubles, but to pay them immediately failed, so the mayor has set it on the counter. In addition, according to the MP, the mayor advised him to deal with the estate of the pensioner to pay the debt.

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