Ivanov: the Epidemic spread of Smoking mixtures stopped

Ivanov: the Epidemic spread of Smoking mixtures stoppedThe epidemic spread of Smoking mixtures in Russia stopped. About this informed the head of the Federal service for drug control (FSKN) Russia Viktor Ivanov at a meeting of the State anti-drug Committee.FDCS initiated legal consolidation of the new "spice" for two weeks in Russia has killed more than 25 people were poisoned more than 700, in the list of forbidden for circulation of substances."The first suspects were detained. Local grouping of distributors of this plague destroyed, the flow of new substances in the regions covered. The situation is cropped. Possible epidemic this time blocked," said brown, noting that the detained about two dozen people.He stressed that the scale of the problem grows."Smoking blends contained a new synthesized substance methyl-2[1-(4-terbisil)-1-N-indazol-3 - carboxamide]-3,3-dimethylbutanoate - abbreviated MDMB (N)-Bz-F that are not in the list of controlled and, thus, is not prohibited for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation, in other words, is allowed to free circulation and, hence, legal" - quoted Ivanov TASS.He noted that immediately after laboratory identification chemical formula forensic service FDCS initiated a mandatory conciliation procedure established by the government in order mandating MDMB (N)-Bz-F in the list of prohibited substances.Most of the victims in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district and in two regions of the Volga region: Kirov oblast and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Smoking blends-the"murderer" had reached the territory of Perm Krai. There's no one died, but in other regions on the Yamal Peninsula, in Yugra, has already begun a series of mass poisoning fatalities.As reported , in this regard, Ugra regional branch of the liberal democratic party insists that the State Duma should urgently adopt a law prohibiting any Smoking blends, regardless of country of origin and composition. "Once again demand to restore the death penalty. Distributors of any drugs to destroy, to give them the ad hoc tribunals, the light of judicial procedure. Can stretch for years the investigation of these cases. Only tough and decisive measures you can stop this epidemic," said representatives of the liberal democratic party.

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