Started in Ekaterinburg the construction of the twon

Started in Ekaterinburg the construction of the twonThe square of 1905 in Yekaterinburg is closed for Parking in connection with the beginning of works on the construction of the ice town. Now around the square erected the fence.As told in the press service of the mayor's office, it is planned that the installation of structures of the Christmas tree, as well as the construction of the pavilion, ice fence and other elements of the town will begin this week. Ice for construction of elements of the town will bring with Seversky career.As reported by the Executive Director of the city's festivities Ilya Markov, this year the ice town will be called "Blossomed Apple trees and pear trees", its theme will be the 70th anniversary of victory in great Patriotic war. It will be a large exhibition complex with lots of ice sculptures, on which the wizard will not work 5 days as it was previously, and 10. Ice sculptures will begin to build approximately 20 December.Traditionally, the site will decorate a 46-meter high Christmas tree, Santa Claus and snow maiden, as well as the symbol of the new year - Goat. The main ice entrance archway will marry the order of Victory. The Christmas tree will be set the stage led screen on which new year's eve will show you the congratulations of the President of the Russian Federation.In connection with the emergence of many large, more than 5 meters high ice creations on campus will be built only small slides for children, including a favorite of young citizens "Cup". They will be made in the style of the Victory Day: on them will cause the relief image of "Katyusha", Soviet tanks and aircraft. Also on the square will work a number of children's rides.Novelty ice town - 2014 will be a visual performance. At the ice pavilion, which will be located in the center of the site, visitors will be able to see the ice-light show, devoted to the victory. The video installation duration of ten minutes can be seen during the whole period of the site. Will also work separate Christmas fair.Besides, on the territory of Christmas town will host the XIII international ice sculpture competition "Europe - Asia". The competition will be attended by the best masters of ice art from not only Russia but also in CIS and abroad.

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