Kurgan take to the streets: they are against the abolition of the train Kurgan-Chelyabinsk""

Kurgan take to the streets: they are against the abolition of the train Kurgan-ChelyabinskKurgan regional branch of the liberal democratic party going on Saturday, January 18, to bring people to the street. The picket will be held against the abolition of the train Chelyabinsk.Recall that the running of trains superior was canceled on January 14 of this year. In RZD this decision was explained by the fact that this area is economically disadvantageous. As the correspondent , the picket will take place on the street Zorge, 54, near school в„–47 in 13 hours.According to the organizers, originally they were going to hold a picket near the Railway station square Slosman, but the city administration in coordination refused. Therefore, the venue of the protest had to be postponed.As noted by the coordinator of the Kurgan regional branch of the liberal democratic party of Russia Yury Alexandrov, the train is the only safe and comfortable way to travel to Chelyabinsk. Bus service between the cities established, but it is more time consuming and unsafe."Was great not only the residents of Barrow, but other communities located along the route of the train. There was always a shortage of places. It is unclear why the management decided to cancel the train. You can go by bus or private vehicles. But not all of it is. No one mentions that the Federal circuit which follows the bus, popularly called the "road of death". Here are fixed to the accident. People die, suffer injuries, especially in winter when the road is slippery and messy, fraught with many dangers to life and health. Our monopoly RZD should think about the consequences of these irresponsible actions," said Alexandrov.Note that Kurgan actively discussing the topic of cancelled trains in social networks and forums.

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