Summary of the civil war: in the DND krovatki mine dam and occupy the houses of the local inhabitants, driving them on the street

Summary of the civil war: in the DND krovatki mine dam and occupy the houses of the local inhabitants, driving them on the streetSummary of military events in DND and LNR from Boris Rozhina (colonelcassad) on 22 DecemberYesterday residents of Donetsk again heard artillery cannonade from the airport and the village of Sands, where in the evening of the last day there was a battle between the militia and the Ukrainian security forces tried to break through to the positions of the militia. Also resumed the message about the fire in the settlements along the highway Mahmuda.Serious violation of the ceasefire occurred near Debaltsevo. As a result of negotiations between the commanders of both sides held on the local front, an agreement was reached about the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of fire. Force militia of their part of the agreement was executed. And then on the position of the militia struck shot from MLRS "Grad". "Worked" two rocket launchers.Military events in DND. Night, morning and during the day on December 22, Donetsk continued unrest. Occasionally we heard the firing of small arms in the area of the settlement Sands and Donetsk airport (new terminal). At 21.24 on December 22, residents of Kyiv and Kuibyshev districts of Donetsk heard a single volleys of heavy artillery, frequent rifle and machine-gun fire. The echo of battle could be heard in all parts of the city. A fight ensued in Donetsk airport and settlement Sands. According to some reports, the violence was instigated by the Ukrainian soldiers who tried to break into the positions held VSN, and conduct reconnaissance. In the direction of the airport at about 22:00 (Kiev prospect proceeded reinforcement for VSN. Breakthrough eliminated.During the December 22 registered violations of the ceasefire in the area of N. p. Majors North of Gorlovka. 13:40 by locality Majors was carried out by machine-gun fire in the mine "name Izotova, and at 21.30 from Majorca tank guns fired on the positions of the militia in the North-Western outskirts of Gorlovka.22:55 by N. p. Granite Ukrainian security officials from mortars were fired at the town New village of marjevka.Exploration of Donetsk national Republic confirmed the previously introduced information about the mining dam Carlo reservoir. In addition, in the area of the army of Ukraine is equipped with at least two posts with concrete shelters for personnel. Carlo reservoir provides drinking water to residents of Donetsk.According to the intelligence DND, controlled by the Kyiv district people's republics, the Ukrainian army places its units in the homes of residents, evict owners on the street. So, in Baranivka (33 km North-West of Donetsk, the Ukrainian military, explaining their actions by military necessity, evicted the part of the civilian population of belonging to their homes and settled in requisitioned premises.Under Volnovaha armored vehicles are similar to American AFV Stryker. In town Free Volnovakha district December 21, drove two vehicles, in appearance resembling American AFV Stryker (Stryker). This was reported by a source in the intelligence militia DND. Both sample a few modified on top of them are setup similar to AAMS.Military events in LNR. At the Lugansk direction recorded activity in the area, the Happiness, the APU was opened fire at positions of the militia from mortars and small arms. 19:40 of the Ukrainian armed forces fired a mortar barrage cottages plant named after Lenin in the locality Fun Mountain side TPP N. p. Happiness. Return fire was not opened.From 11:05 to 11:25 of Ukraine's armed forces fired mortars outskirts of the N. p. Steep Mountain on the Northern outskirts of the N. p. Yellow. At 11.45 the armed forces of Ukraine produced and mortar fire from the outskirts of the N. p. Good with directions Bakhmut track.In the area of highway Mahmuda militia returned fire from artillery and mortars. Were fired on the positions of the APU in the area of N. p. Frunze, in S. Krimsky. Also the gun of the BMP militia were attacked by Ukrainian position near the N. p. Slavyanoserbsk.23:35 the armed forces of Ukraine from N. p. Chernukhin and Debaltsevo (DND) fired from tanks and heavy machine guns N. p. Mound, N. p. Fasika, N.

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