Roizman was summoned for questioning on charges of "restoration" of the Church in Bingo

Roizman was summoned for questioning on charges of The head of Ekaterinburg was summoned for questioning in the main investigation Department of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs. As reported in the press service of the DSU, Roizman summoned for questioning as a witness in a criminal case under article "the Destruction or damage of monuments of history and culture" .According to the materials of the case, the Fund "City without drugs" headed), when the "restoration" of the architectural monument of Federal importance damaged external and internal decoration of the temple. In the framework of the investigation were conducted examination in the Church, and the search has undergone restoration Studio art school of a name of Ivan Shadr in Yekaterinburg.During the searches conducted in the restoration workshop in the school of a name of Ivan Shadr, were found the icons from the Church of the village of Byngi. They had no documents, and restoration of passports. In addition, the work in the temple was carried out without approval, paperwork and permits, despite the fact that the temple is a cultural heritage. The decision to conduct the repair was made rector of the Church itself. By using the Studio art school of a name of Ivan Shadr in the restoration of icons Binkowski the Church on a voluntary basis worked Roizman. When "the restoration of the temple of the lost ancient icons, each of which is worth several million. The remaining traces of "restoration" - "podmolik". In addition to the icons disappeared gilded iconostasis and Church chandelier Kasli casting.Recall that the members of the Fund "City without drugs", which was led by the current mayor of Yekaterinburg, are in many criminal cases, including drug trafficking, illegal detention of people and illicit restoration of the temple in the village of Byngi.

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